Baseball bad boy Lenny Dykstra reveals that he ‘visited Charlie Sheen’s secret crack den, racked up a $300,000 hotel bill after a cocaine-fueled party with Mickey Rourke and used Jack Nicholson as his wingman’

Previous baseball All-Star Lenny Dykstra has uncovered his out-of-control party life style in a new book.
The ex Mets what’s more, Phillies player composed about how he once gone to Charlie Sheen’s mystery split den, had a cocaine-fueled party with Mickey Rourke what’s more, utilized to pick up young ladies with Jack Nicholson.
In his new memoir, House of Nails: A Diary of Life on the Edge, he portrays his change from player, to mogul specialist to an addict.
In an extract, distributed by the New York Post, he subtle elements how he met famous people at a recovery in Malibu, California, yet would before long backslide amid gorges with Hollywood A-listers.
In 12 a long time in the major leagues, Dykstra made the world arrangement twice what’s more, the All-Star list three times.
His coarse demeanor earned him the moniker ‘Nails’, which was something the likes of Sheen what’s more, Nicholson would call him.
When he resigned in 1996, he made a fortune owning a auto wash business. Nonetheless it fell separated after he made a arrangement of awful deals.
He recorded for chapter 11 in 2009 what’s more, at that point from 2012 until 2013, he spent six months in jail for extortion what’s more, auto theft. 
Dykstra’s book clarifies what happened at the point when he was released. 

He wrote: ‘Partying progressed toward becoming my full-time work for a while. Eventually, I landed in a recovery facility, yet I was so f***ed up that I didn’t know where I was. 
‘When I came out of my coma, I figured it out I was part of a star-studded gathering at Promises, the well known recovery in Malibu that neglects the Pacific Ocean. 

‘Charlie Sheen was there along with a few other well known on-screen characters what’s more, celebrities. Trust me, I was the low man on the totem post there.’
In 2014, he portrays how he got a telephone call from Sheen’s life partner at the time, Scottine. She was crying what’s more, inquired Dykstra to come over, as he was the: ‘Only individual that Charlie will tune in to who has the balls to stop him.’ 

When he arrived at his mansion, he says security attempted to stop him from getting in, while Scottine said he would never find the actor.
His ace room was covered up behind a closet in his ace bedroom, what’s more, required a code to get in.
Scottine taken after him up what’s more, entered the adjust numbers. There, Dykstra says he found Sheen. He claims the Hollywood star had been in his room for nine days.
He told Sheen: ‘Is this it? Is this what you’ve worked your entirety life for? Charlie, do you figure it out you have been up in this room for nine straight days? What the f*** kind of life is this, holed up in a room, smoking split by yourself.
‘You keep in mind that appear you own, ‘Anger Management’? Today is Friday what’s more, you have to be at work on Monday. Give me all the drugs. I’m flushing them down the toilet.’
He at that point told Sheen he had to get a few sleep, so brought him a few Valium what’s more, put him to bed.
‘He [Sheen] rapidly reacted with edginess in his voice,’ Dysktra wrote.’“Wait, wait, can you do me a favor?”
‘I said, “Of course, you’re my friend. What do you need?”
‘He said: “I require you to remain here at the house, since on the off chance that you don’t, I know I’ll arrange more s***.”‘

Sheen was scarcely seen for the next four days, concurring to Dykstra, until he came first floor what’s more, begun drinking ‘anything what’s more, everything’.
Then, the previous ball player said Sheen conceded he needed to slaughter himself.
The next night, after Sheen had professedly pulled himself together, he told Dykstra he had been analyzed with HIV. 
Dysktra moreover uncovered that he would welcome Jack Nicholson to the Dodgers Stadium with his child amid batting pratice some time recently games.

When he was attempting to visit up girls, he would at that point call the A Maybe a couple Great Men star to ‘help me close’. 
He wrote: ‘My kid Jack would get on the speakerphone, what’s more, in that f******* exemplary gravelly voice of his, he would ask, “How is old Nails?”
‘No chick said no after a call from Jack. Best. Wingman. Ever.’
He too portrayed how he had a ten-day party with Mickey Rourke in a $3,000-a-night lodge in the Beverly Slopes Hotel.
‘Mickey had his team of Hollywood wannabes, base feeders who clung to him like s*** on a shoe,’ he said, ‘and we were all hitting the [cocaine] nonstop. 
‘I was gathered to have checked in at the recovery focus Guarantees on the to start with of the month, what’s more, I was getting calls from their staff each f****** day.’

He cleared out the inn what’s more, chosen to go what’s more, ‘check in’ to the Guarantees rehab.
But, some time recently he strolled through the doors, he said: ‘I gotta go in there what’s more, dry out. Yet at the point when I go inside, I’m going in in a ball of f******* flames. Let’s wrap up this s*** up.
‘That limo was stopped out there for five days. It was me what’s more, the driver what’s more, a bundle of women, the LA f- -king pretenders. 
‘After five long evenings of constant partying, we wrapped up off everything we had. Finally, after the last line of coke was snorted, I strolled up what’s more, beat on the Guarantees gate.’

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