Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

Published: 21:25 BST, 15 May 2012 | Updated: 12:10 BST, 16 May 2012
A Christian blogger is at the focus of a free discourse push after posting an ‘offensive’ advert on benefit of a request against plans to authorize gay marriage.
Advertising guard dogs have requested an clarification from the writer, known by the pen name Ecclesiastical overseer Cranmer, after they gotten 24 complaints.
The Promoting Models Specialist is inquiring that he react to claims that the message – which inquires watchers to ‘Help us keep the true meaning of marriage’ – is homophobic.
Offensive? A outline from the advert shown on the Ecclesiastical overseer Cranmer blog, which pulled in 24 complaints
Archbishop Thomas Cranmer (pictured) was the man composed what’s more, incorporated the to begin with two versions of the Book of Normal Prayer.

He was too a reformist who made a difference manufacture a great case for Henry VIII’s separate from Catherine of Aragon, which come about in the English Church breaking away from the Vatican.

Cranmer was attempted for treachery what’s more, sin after Mary I, a Roman Catholic, came to the throne.

Imprisoned for more than two a long time what’s more, under weight from Church authorities, he made a few recantations.

However, on the day of his execution, he pulled back these what’s more, passed on a apostate to Roman Catholics what’s more, a saint to Protestants.
Archbishop Cranmer highlighted in Hilary Mantel’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall, a fictionalised account of the rise to control of Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII.

The Coalition for Marriage advert gleams between pictures of hetero couples on their wedding day, the state ‘I do’ what’s more, a message refering to a showcase look into survey that appeared ‘70% of individuals say keep marriage as it is’.
The campaigners behind the request portray themselves as ‘an umbrella gathering of people what’s more, organisations in the UK that bolster customary marriage what’s more, restrict any plans to rethink it’.

The ASA has pushed that the adverts, Or maybe than the blogger, are the subject of their test – what’s more, demand he is not constrained to legitimize the battle message.
However, Diocese supervisor Cranmer – who takes his nom de plume from a sixteenth-century reformer – remained resolute that the ASA is attempting to limit his what’s more, the Coalition for Marriage’s right to free speech.

In a post assaulting the unknown complainants he wrote: ‘They called in the Gestapo to blue pencil the affirmation that marriage is a life-long union between one man what’s more, one woman, in understanding with the instructing of the Set up Church, the convictions of its Incomparable Governor, what’s more, the law of the land.’

Fellow clerical bloggers jumped to his protection what’s more, indeed the National Mainstream Society, which is in support of authorizing same-sex marriage, has stood by him.
A articulation from the society read: ‘The NSS needs to report its bolster for the Ecclesiastical overseer Cranmer blog. Despite the fact that it opposes this idea with this blogger significantly on so numerous issues, it concurs with him totally that the Publicizing Measures Specialist is violating the check what’s more, posturing a Or maybe vile danger to opportunity of expression.’
Though the NSS went on to separate itself from Ecclesiastical overseer Cranmer what’s more, the Coalition for Marriage campaign, it contended the dissensions made to the ASA were ‘not reason enough to quiet them’.
The ASA today focused it would not essentially maintain the complaints, which would lead to the advertisement being banned.
Probe: The Promoting Models Specialist is presently exploring claims that the advert advances homophobia
It said in a statement: ‘The right of promoters capably to express their sees will without a doubt be an vital factor in our appraisal of regardless of whether the promotions are likely to cause genuine or, on the other hand across the board offence.  We are too looking at regardless of whether the promotions are misleading.’

The specialist moreover reacted to Ecclesiastical overseer Cranmer’s shock over the ‘threatening’ way in which it drawn closer him, clarifying that: ‘We have long found it valuable to ask, in confidence, distributers of promotions subject to “offence” dissensions for their views, since they can give us a profitable understanding into regardless of whether or, on the other hand not their perusers are likely to be offended’.

Of the 24 dissensions said to have been lodged, ten took issue with the advert’s professedly hostile content.

The rest requested confirm to back up the guarantee that seven in ten individuals do not need any change to marriage laws – yet as this figure came from major surveying office ComRes, the ASA did not anticipate those who posted the advert to give this.
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