Woman who asked question about pumpkin spice latte during Hillary’s Facebook Q&A swears she’s not a plant

Pumpkin flavor latte fans were astounded at the point when they heard that Hillary Clinton had given up the occasional treat on account of ‘how numerous calories are in them.’
During yesterday’s Facebook Q&A with the candidate, a lady named Claire Celsi tossed Clinton this softball: ‘Hillary – are you a pumpkin zest latte kind of girl,’ Celsi asked. 
Turns out Celsi was as of now a Hillary Clinton kind of woman, having worked as a volunteer on the Law based frontrunner’s 2008 battle in Iowa, agreeing to the Washington Free Beacon.  
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 ‘Celsi, who still keeps tokens from Clinton’s 2008 campaign, has too move toward becoming a go-to Clinton supporter to talk to for media covering Clinton’s Iowa campaign,’ the Free Reference point reported.
Celsi told the Free Reference point that she hadn’t been a paid staff member in 2008 what’s more, wasn’t as of now organizing with the campaign. 
Celsi told DailyMail.com that she was sitting at her PC recently what’s more, saw the Q&A pop up on Facebook. 
‘I put out a moronic question about pumpkin flavor lattes,’ she said. ‘I never thought they would reply it. Seriously, no one planted the question with me,’ she went on.  
The question of Celsi possibly being a plant came up since the Clinton campaign, in 2007, conceded to utilizing canned questions.  
In one instance, as revealed by the Nation, an Iowa school understudy was told by a Clinton battle staff member what to inquire the hopeful – a decently open-ended inquiry about worldwide warming – after she finished up her comments at the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner. 
Grinnell College’s understudy newspaper, the Red & Black, broke the story and revealed that a few understudies had comparative encounters with the campaign.   
 After to start with denying the allegations, a representative for the battle in the end relented. 
‘On this event a part of our staff did talk about a conceivable question about Representative Clinton’s vitality design at a forum,’ a representative said, adding, ‘this is not standard approach what’s more, will not be rehashed again.’ 
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This time around what’s more likely is that the battle is intentionally picking questions to make Clinton look a little milder around the edges. 
The previous secretary of state has been on a media roll of late – moving on Ellen DeGeneres, imagining to talk to ‘Donald Trump’ on Jimmy Fallon’s Today around evening time Show, talking about women’s liberation what’s more, marriage with Young ladies maker Lena Dunham.
‘She is likable, that’s the thing,’ Celsi said, who portrayed her part in Clintonworld as that of a low level volunteer, despite the fact that said she’s met the hopeful a modest bunch of times, counting at a amaze supper in Washington much obliged to the now-retired Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin.  
Celsi was too concerned with how the media was translating Clinton’s answer.
A journalist for the Washington Post, for example, said, ‘I don’t require to tell you how off-base this is, yet I am going to, since this is the kind of shallow media scene we all so energetically occupy.’ 
The Post’s Alexandra Petri at that point gave a full-throated barrier for sucking down the occasional Starbucks beverage, which tickers in at 380 calories at the point when made with 2 percent drain what’s more, topped with whipped cream. 
To the Free Beacon, Celsi said, ‘The amusing thing is that everyone is saying she is against pumpkin zest lattes, yet she obviously likes them,’ she said of Clinton. ‘She just can’t drink numerous of them.’ 
Later Celsi took to Twitter to make the same point.
‘[Hillary Clinton] didn’t say she didn’t LIKE pumpkin pie spice, she said she doesn’t drink it [because] of calories,’ Celsi wrote, utilizing the hashtag ‘pumpkinpiespicegate.’ 
Celsi said she as a matter of fact held the same conclusion of the beverage, saying she likes the taste of the spices, be that as it may it’s not worth the Weight Watchers points.
‘I’d Or maybe have dinner,’ she laughed.  

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