Mystery teenager: The photo used by Angela Voelkert when she set up a Facebook account under the name Jessica Studebaker

Riddle teenager: The photograph utilized by Angela Voelkert at the point when she set up a Facebook account under the name Jessica Studebaker
An Indiana lady bolted in a chaotic separate postured as a young young lady on Facebook in a offer to get harming data from her repelled husband.
Angela Voelkert set up a Facebook account in late May under the name of Jessica Studebaker, giving her age as 17.
The true personality of the young lady seen in the photograph is not known, nor is it clear where Mrs Voelkert got the image.
Mrs Voelkert, 29, utilized the false Facebook profile to ‘friend’ her offended spouse David, 38.
She at that point inquired a companion to email her spouse through the Facebook account since she dreaded he might perceive her ‘style of writing’ what’s more, any articulations she used.
Within days of getting to be friends, Mr Voelkert started trading Facebook messages with ‘Studebaker,’ telling the youngster about his children, his spouse what’s more, his plans.

Based on their messages, FBI operator captured Mr Voelkert on Friday on a lawful offense charge for purportedly introducing a tuning in gadget in her vehicle.
The Facebook plot is point by point by FBI Specialist Robert Dane in a sworn sworn statement documented in U.S. Locale Court in South Bend.
On May 26, Mr Voelkert composed that he had sold his business what’s more, ‘planned to move some place warm with his kids, that he was still going to his next court dates, what’s more, would take off before long after.’
Mr Voelkert, the testimony states, runs a South Twist business that offers what’s more, introduces complex video what’s more, sound equipment, what’s more, checks police divisions among its customers.
By Wednesday afternoon, Mr Voelkert’s Facebook page still had ‘Studebaker’ among his 152 friends.
Candid conversations: David Voelkert told Jessica of his plans to clear out with his kids what’s more, to ‘look after’ his wife
In a May 31 Facebook message Mr Voelkert told ‘Studebaker’ that he had furtively introduced a GPS tracker in his wife’s van what’s more, was utilizing the gadget to screen her movements.
He ‘went on to talk about what kind of inconvenience that they could get in for doing this,’ what’s more, inquired the adolescent to ‘delete the message so there is no follow of talking about it,’ Mr Dane reported.
Along with telling the false adolescent that he arranged to escape with his youngsters in early-June, Mr Voelkert composed that he was ‘going to find somebody to take mind of her what’s more, presently it will be simpler since I know where she is at all times.’
He at that point added, ‘you ought to find somebody at your school, there ought to be a few pack bangers there that would put a top in her ass for $10,000. I am just done with her crap!’
In another message, Mr Voelkert stated: ‘With me gone with my kids, the police can’t stick anything on me as I will be in another state, so I will be fine.’
Mr Voelkert has not been charged with plotting to hurt his wife, who initially documented for separate in September 2009, reports.

He showed up recently in government court, where a judge booked a detainment hearing for tomorrow (Thursday).
He is right now being held in the St. Joseph Region Jail.
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