She does the leg work: One-legged breakdancer wows New York City subway crowds

Seeing New York metro stations turned into extemporized move floors is nothing unusual.  
But straphangers who happened to walk through the city’s Union Square station on January 5 were confronted with something genuinely eye-catching: a one-legged lady who displayed a few great footwork.
The woman’s name is Roya Abdolhosini what’s more, she is an Australian performing artist.
To her on the web supporters she is known just as ‘Roya the Destroya.’
In a 2014 meet with the Melbourne Proclaim Sun, Abdolhosini said she was conceived with as it were one leg.
Still, she likes to make up phenomenal stories of how her leg was lost.
‘I cherish telling stories. In some cases it might be a shark story, in some cases a feline story, yet I like to string individuals along for as long as I can,’ she told the Proclaim Sun. 
She told the Proclaim Sun she was enlivened to begin performing after observing a soccer diversion on Television as a child.
‘I was observing soccer on Television what’s more, somebody scored a objective what’s more, did a handstand what’s more, I thought I don’t mind about the soccer, I just need to do that,’ she said. 

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