Size six model takes on 100 McDonald’s cheeseburger challenge and manages an impressive FORTY FIVE in a row (that’s more than 13,000 calories)

She may be a measure six, yet demonstrate Nela Zisser has a robust appetite.
The previous Miss Earth New Zealand, who aggressively eats as a hobby, has staggered her worldwide armed force of fans with her latest world record endeavor – the 100 McDonald’s cheeseburger challenge. 
The 23-year-old shot herself attempting to sneer 100 burgers – 50 cheddar what’s more, 50 chicken, to battle ‘flavour fatigue’ – in a push at her home in Auckland, with the offer assistance of different fluids what’s more, sauces.
Despite her valiant effort, she fizzled to finish the challenge – be that as it may still overseen to devour an noteworthy 45 burgers (equaling more than 13,500 calories what’s more, a walloping 11.8 pounds of food).
At the begin of the footage, Nela is seen standing over her kitchen table dressed in a loose-fitting T-shirt. Underneath her, handfuls of burgers in yellow McDonald’s wrappers are laid on the wooden surface.
The magnificence ruler at that point clarifies that she is attempting to beat current world record holder Yuka Kinoshita, who overseen to devour 62 McDonald’s cheeseburgers in a push in March.

Shortly after, her challenge starts – what’s more, she rapidly eats her way through a few burgers.
Nela – who had been preparing in the weeks some time recently the devour by eating huge parcels of low-calorie sustenances – stands up for the to start with maybe a couple burgers, some time recently sitting down as the immense nourishment consumption gets to her.
By the end of the video, she is drooped in her seat, battling to bite what’s more, swallow.
Throughout the challenge, Nela swills different fluids around her mouth to offer assistance her convey on.
After giving up around two hours afterward – with just under half of the burgers annihilated – she says: ‘Right so that’s 45 cheeseburgers done in just under two hours. It felt like a truly long time.
‘I likely could have done more in the event that I’d given myself a break what’s more, just like loose more be that as it may to be fair the taste just got to me in the end what’s more, I don’t think i could do another one.’
Nela posted the video of her challenge on YouTube on Sunday, where it has been seen almost 3,000 times so far. She composed on the site that she ‘didn’t feel great’ after eating 45 burgers.
On its website, McDonald’s uncovers its cheeseburgers contain 300 calories.
Its chicken burgers, meanwhile, come in at a somewhat higher 310 calories.
Nela, whose YouTube channel is called ‘Nela Eats’, is known for her extraordinary nourishment feats.
Last month, she eaten down 22 Enormous Macintoshes in just under an hour, which tots up to 12,386 calories. 
And in September, she eaten up 12 Krispy Kreme Unique Coated doughnuts in just 96 seconds.
Born in Christchurch, Nela was explored at the age of 16 by a nearby displaying agency.
She moved to Auckland at the point when she was 18 to seek after her displaying profession what’s more, in 2013 was named Miss Earth New Zealand. 
Somewhat ironically, she had to pull out of the Miss Earth last due to nourishment poisoning.
Nela beforehand told Every day Mail Australia: ‘I think the generalizations about models maintaining a strategic distance from fast-food as part of their consume less calories are untrue.

‘The models I know are continuously eating, particularly backstage at design appears what’s more, photograph shoots. I think you ought to never deny yourself as that leads to undesirable behaviours.
‘I accept in the 20/80 run the show where 80 per penny of the time, I’m eating solid what’s more, keeping fit.’
Nela included that in the event that you have fat over your stomach it is  harder to expand, along these lines her slight outline as a matter of fact gives her an edge at the point when it comes to aggressive eating.
Staying in shape is too vital for competition, she said. ‘Especially in long rivalries you require to be very fit what’s more, have great stamina to keep up,’ she added.

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