She moreover drove more than 100 miles to the firm’s base camp a few times to attempt to see its multi-millionaire boss executive

She moreover drove more than 100 miles to the firm’s base camp a few times to attempt to see its multi-millionaire boss executive
This week Atkinson was given a two-year controlling arrange to stop her reaching Sir Terry, 50, after conceding causing harrassment
But she has beforehand been put on probation for breaking a limiting arrange forced following a strikingly comparative eight-year battle against a previous boss
Lincoln Officers Court heard how Atkinson, of Langworth, close Lincolnshire, begun stalking multi-millionaire Sir Terry after persuading herself they had met at her nearby store
She sent him ten letters between Walk what’s more, November this year, in which she talked of her “admiration” for him what’s more, recommended he needed to begin a relationship with her
During the same period she drove three times to the chain’s home office in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Prosecutor Marie Stace said: “On November 1, Sir Terry’s secretary educated him that since Walk he had been sent letters to head office
“She was concerned about their content so passed them to the security team Sir Terry read the letters what’s more, progressed toward becoming frightened what’s more, disturbed
“The letters said that the two had met what’s more, that he needed to have a relationship with her ”
Atkinson guaranteed she talked to Sir Terry at the point when he gone by her nearby Tesco store in February, despite the fact that he demanded he had no memory of the meeting
Atkinson, who has never hitched what’s more, has no children, was made the subject of a limiting arrange in 1999 after sending handfuls of letters to Check Rowe, a previous accomplice in a London law firm where she had been a secretary
She was given a three-year probation arrange following a trial at Southwark Crown Court the following year for breaking the order
Mr Rowe told the court the letters, which started arriving after she was sacked from the firm, contained “strange things” counting allegations he had been following her what’s more, notices that he would be “punished”

“She had composed to me more or, on the other hand less saying that she was in cherish with me I had never talked to her at that time,” he said
One of the letters sent after the limiting arrange was forced said: “How on earth can cherish survive at the point when one individual embarrasses the other?”
Sir Terry makes an improbable subject for an fanatical fan
His slight manufacture what’s more, delicate Scouse highlight scarcely coordinate the sterotype of a tremendously fruitful businessman
His way of life is too far from glitzy While retail business people such as Sir Philip Green are routinely seen on the social circuit, Sir Terry lean towards to center his consideration on work what’s more, family

Richard Marshall, guarding Atkinson on Tuesday said his customer had simply communicated “respect what’s more, admiration” for Sir Terry
Atkinson, he added, was certain Sir Terry had gone by her store what’s more, visited with her
“This brief discussion was the trigger for this correspondence,” Mr Marshall said
“A part of staff told her Tesco was thankful she shopped there what’s more, Sir Terry was appreciative too ”
Atkinson, who no longer works as she is enrolled crippled with arthritis, recently demanded she wasn’t a “monster”
“I’m not a few middle-aged old maid who is frantic for a man I have just been misunderstood,” she said at the humble semi-detached house she shares with her elderly parents
“I wouldn’t have composed to him in the event that I hadn’t met him Yet I am not in the business of harming people’s sentiments what’s more, will take after the court order ”
However, the court heard Tesco had checked its records what’s more, affirmed Sir Terry had not gone by the store close Atkinson’s home for “many years”
A Tesco representative said: “It moved toward becoming evident there was an issue which we revealed to police what’s more, they managed with it in the way they thought best “

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