Details of the alleged forgery have increased pressure on beleaguered Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who is facing a separate inquiry into claims that he put out misleading statements about the chain of events that led to the death of Mr de Menezes.

Subtle elements of the asserted falsification have expanded weight on ambushed Met Official Sir Ian Blair, who is confronting a discrete request into claims that he put out deceiving articulations about the chain of occasions that driven to the demise of Mr de Menezes.
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The assertion of defilement is contained in the Autonomous Police Grumblings Commission’s report into the passing of Mr de Menezes.
The circuit tester was shot seven times as he attempted to bounce on to a prepare at Stockwell Tube station in South London a day after the fizzled July 21 suicide assaults on the capital.
But, agreeing to insiders, it is “highly unlikely” anybody will be brought to book over the cover-up since agents have been incapable to build up who was behind it.
Last night, Mr de Menezes’s family said the disclosures – spilled to a Sunday daily paper – included to their conviction that the shooting had been
shrouded in lies what’s more, deception.
The IPCC report uncovers Mr de Menezes was gunned down after a part of an covert Unique Branch group erroneously revealed that he was Hussain Osman, who was needed in association with the endeavored bombings.
Ten hours after the shooting, the five-strong observation group what’s more, other Unique Branch officers gone to a questioning over the incident. It is charged that the log was at that point altered with.
According to the report, the log – which had been created by associates of the officers tuning in to the team’s radio messages – initially said of Mr de Menezes “it was Osman”. It is guaranteed the points of interest were changed to make it read “And it was not Osman”.
At the questioning the officers were permitted to check the log, yet any changes must be clarified what’s more, marked off. This change was professedly not marked for.
The report adds: “This looks like an endeavor to attempt what’s more, separate Extraordinary Branch from the choice (to shoot Mr de Menezes).”
Senior Scotland Yard officers are angry about the asserted cover-up, particularly as those behind the plot have not been identified.
Each of the observation officers denies evolving the log. This, what’s more, the truth that there is no confirm to demonstrate who was responsible, implies no one will be charged with endeavoring to distort the course of justice.
Details of the asserted imitation have expanded weight on ambushed Met Chief Sir Ian Blair, who is confronting a discrete request into claims that he put out deceiving articulations about the chain of occasions that driven to the demise of Mr de Menezes.
In another revelation, the IPCC report states that it was not until 14 hours after the log was changed that Sir Ian was educated his officers had slaughtered an pure man.
The revelation that the boss was kept in the dim for so long is exceedingly humiliating what’s more, will incite new questions about his specialist at Scotland Yard.
Earlier this month, duplicates of the report were sent to the Metropolitan Police, the Home Office what’s more, the Crown Indictment Benefit – yet not the family.
‘Cover up’

Mr de Menezes’s sibling Giovanni da Silva, 34, said of the disclosures yesterday: “If this is true, it would not amaze me at all; the English Police are just attempting to cover up one unique botch with others.”
Up to ten officers could be charged over their parts in the deadly shooting. It is thought the CPS will take up to six months to choose regardless of whether to prosecute.
But lawful sources accept it is “almost certain” that the two marksmen who shot Mr de Menezes will not be charged.
One said: “It is presently acknowledged they were acting on false information. There is no way they can be charged with criminal offences.”
The source said it was still conceivable that individuals of the observation group who trailed Mr de Menezes, what’s more, senior officers who over-saw the operation, could go on trial or, on the other hand confront inward disciplinary proceedings.
Sir Ian, who took over as Met Magistrate last February, has guaranteed to leave on the off chance that he is seriously reprimanded over the incident.
Last night, Mr de Menezes’s family called on him to “consider his position” now.
Jean Charles de Menezes’ mother Maria, 60, added: ‘We need all the blameworthy individuals to go to imprison for what they have done.
“Before we can come to terms with Jean Charles’s death, we require to know everything that happened what’s more, those who are blameworthy have to concede it.
“It is to a great degree hard to acknowledge their conciliatory sentiments since their botch were so enormous what’s more, at that point they are not straight with us afterwards.”

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