Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme on Thursday, Piers Morgan was asked about the feuds he pursues so relentlessly on the social media site Twitter.

Talking on Radio 4’s Today program on Thursday, Wharfs Morgan was inquired about the fights he seeks after so steadily on the social media site Twitter.
Some, he said — refering to Master Sugar what’s more, Gary Lineker as adversaries — were truly just chat between ‘Alpha guys .?.?. like remarkably presumptuous 6th formers.’
But, he added, ‘With the likes of Jeremy Clarkson it is unadulterated war what’s more, there is not a single inviting bone in either of our bodies towards one another.’

After 13 a long time of squabbling what’s more, brawling, Morgan what’s more, Clarkson are still whipping away at one another in the extreme challenge of heavyweight, indeed overweight egos.

Supersonic egos: Jeremy Clarkson (right) what’s more, Docks Morgan on Concorde in 2003

With their fleshy, aggressive faces what’s more, loud, brash, opulent voices, these two media mastodons are reflect pictures of each other: world-famous Television identities with sidelines as writers what’s more, best-selling authors. Unnecessary to say, each claims to be more effective than the other.

Clarkson, 53, can guarantee to win more money. Last year he took home £14?million from Top Gear, though Morgan’s contract for his daily CNN appear is worth a unimportant £5.5?million (supplemented, of course, by his other media activities, counting ITV interviews what’s more, books).

And Clarkson moreover has the greater audience: Top Adapt is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most generally observed true Television appear in the world. UK appraisals have plunged a little over the years, be that as it may its Sunday night BBC2 opening still draws in nearly five million viewers. 
Morgan has 3.8million Twitter followers, while his foe has ‘only’ 2.5million… what’s more, what a war of words it is

Morgan’s CNN spot can too be seen around the world, be that as it may U.S. appraisals have plunged under his tenure.

Some evenings this year, Morgan has had less than 100,000 watchers in the key 25-54 age-range what’s more, U.S. media savants guarantee he will be replaced.

On the other hand, Morgan has 3.8?million Twitter followers, while his foe has ‘only’ 2.5?million.
In the numbers game, Clarkson is hardly ahead. Yet what about the battle as a whole? Read on, take after each round what’s more, judge the score for yourself.
Round one: November 2000
Piers Morgan is proofreader of the Day by day Reflect at the point when he gets a set of paparazzi photographs guaranteeing to appear Clarkson in an grasp with Television maker Elaine Bedell.

At this point the two men are still on great terms.

So, by his claim account, Morgan calls Clarkson what’s more, offers to make light of the snaps in the event that Clarkson will co-operate.

Clarkson claims Bedell is just a companion and, concurring to Morgan, adds: ‘I’m not physically skilled of having an affair. You can inquire my wife.’

Morgan distributes the pictures anyway. Clarkson is not happy.

Round two: May 2002
Morgan meets Clarkson what’s more, his spouse Frances at a wedding. They both assault him for distributing the pictures of Clarkson what’s more, Bedell. Morgan, amazingly, apologises what’s more, says he’s beyond any doubt the pictures were superbly innocent.

Clarkson is delighted. ‘Let’s put it behind us, should we?’ he says. What’s more, they do. Yet not for long.
Round three: October 2002
A new set of pictures is taken appearing Clarkson grasping Elaine Bedell again. Clarkson once more claims the grasp is innocent, inquiring to talk to Morgan. ‘I don’t need to talk to him,’ Morgan tells an aide.

‘I can’t keep safeguarding him out with the same woman. I accepted him last time what’s more, he was clearly lying then.’ The pictures are printed. Presently the battle truly begins.
Round four: October 2003
The supersonic traveler fly Concorde makes its last booked flight for English Aviation routes from New York to London. Among the VIPs installed are, yes, Docks Morgan what’s more, Jeremy Clarkson.

Despite the certainty that Clarkson has told other travelers that Morgan ‘is a little ****’ what’s more, he’s going to ‘punch his lights out,’ BA put Clarkson in the situate straightforwardly in front of Morgan. As Clarkson takes his situate he says, ‘Oh, ******* hell, I’ve got a **** behind me.’

‘And I’ve got one in front of me, too,’ Morgan replies. Further potty-mouthed badinage results what’s more, Morgan insults Clarkson: ‘Come on enormous man, appear me what you’ve got.’

Clarkson at that point tips a glass of water over Morgan, much to the delight of individual passengers, counting Joan Collins what’s more, Jodie Kidd.

Later Clarkson calls Morgan while the last mentioned is chauffeured back from Heathrow. ‘This is all getting exceptionally silly. Let’s put it behind us. Please,’ he says. Yet is the fight put behind them? Not for long.
Morgan, seen here in 2004, has a warmed discussion with Clarkson at that year’s English Press Awards

Round five: Walk 2004
Morgan what’s more, Clarkson both go to the English Press Awards. A completely invigorated Clarkson makes his way to the table where Morgan, who has just started his Television profession nearby altering the Day by day Mirror, is sitting.

‘Now that you’re in my world of telly, I can tell you you’re ****,’ the Top Adapt star remarks.

A warmed discussion ensues, in which Morgan sees Frances Clarkson, gazing knifes at him from her table. ‘Why does your spouse continuously fault me for everything you do?’ he asks.

Clarkson is outraged. He swings a right snare at Morgan, taken after by more blows, hitting Morgan’s sanctuary what’s more, forehead.

The following day, Morgan tells reporters: ‘He at that point attempted to headbutt me — missing my nose by about an inch. I think it’s reasonable to say he was a little inebriated. I’ve in all honesty taken more regrettable batterings from my three-year-old son.’

Clarkson admits: ‘He’s won really. This is just one in a long line of clashes. We’ll have to kiss what’s more, make up.’
Round six: April 2004
Clarkson shows up on Michael Parkinson’s Television show, uncovering the deformed fourth finger on his right hand that he harmed amid the clench hand battle with Morgan.
‘I don’t get on with Docks Morgan, so I punched him,’ Clarkson says, adding, ‘Every lady I meet inquires me, “Why did you hit him?” What’s more, each man asks, “Where did you hit him?”’ 
Round seven: September 2005
Morgan, presently having cleared out newspapers, distributes his top of the line journal The Insider.

Clarkson makes a few appearances in the book, with bounty of sneery putdowns.

For example, having depicted the water-throwing episode on board Concorde, what’s more, Clarkson’s endeavor at compromise afterwards, Morgan adds, ‘I’d have regarded him more in the event that he’d rung to say, “there’s bounty more coming your way, you ****.” This was the most noticeably awful kind of weak grovelling.’
Clarkson makes a few appearances in Morgan’s 2005 book, The Insider, with bounty of sneery putdowns

Unexpected truce: October 2006
Morgan spots previous EastEnders star Ross Kemp eating with his then-wife Rebekah Wade, Louis Walsh what’s more, Patrick Kielty.

Morgan meanders over to say hello, at that point figures it out there is somebody else at the table: Jeremy Clarkson. The eatery falls silent. Clarkson mouths the quiet words, ‘Oh ****.’ Kemp holds his head in his hands.

And then, totally unexpectedly, Clarkson holds out his hand. Morgan shakes it.

For two hours the match talk agreeably over what Morgan afterward portrays as ‘a grand bottle of red wine.’ Among the subjects is their fight, three a long time earlier.

‘I’ve still got a scar on my brow from where your ring scratched me,’ Morgan moans.

‘I don’t wear a ring,’ Clarkson snorts. ‘It was unadulterated knuckle. What’s more, my wounds were far worse.’

Then Clarkson adds, perceptively: ‘You know, other individuals continuously tell me that we’re very similar. In extraordinary conditions we might have been friends.’

He is right. The two men are both big-mouthed, big-headed, bombastic, frequently clumsy what’s more, infuriating. What’s more, one can’t offer assistance wondering: isn’t there something just a little as well exceptional about the fixation each of them has with the other? 
Round eight: Walk 2009
For a long time an ghostly peace has hung over the Clarkson-Morgan battlefield. Morgan has spent much of his time in the U.S., showing up as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

But at the point when he returns to Britain to advance his ITV talk appear what’s more, a new book, his fixation with Clarkson remains undimmed.

‘I like pursuing feuds,’ he tells a daily paper interviewer, claiming, in words that would doubtlessly intrigue any psychiatrist: ‘They get me going what’s more, make me perform better.’
For a long time an ghostly peace has hung over the Clarkson-Morgan battlefield. Morgan has spent much of his time in the U.S., showing up as a judge on America’s Got Talent

Round nine: December 2012
In the wake of the shooting of 20 schoolchildren what’s more, six staff individuals at Sandy Snare Rudimentary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Morgan calls for a weapon ban.

Outraged by this slur on their established right under the Second Revision to impact each other to smithereens, more than 100,000 Americans sign a request calling for his deportation.

Clarkson is appalled, what’s more, at 1.27pm on Christmas Eve, he hinders his family festivities to tweet: ‘Americans. It took us 40 a long time to get free of Wharfs Morgan. If it’s not too much trouble don’t send him back.’

Having reignited a more-or-less lethargic feud, Clarkson tweets again: ‘Americans. Was the second correction not presented to ensure you from the oppression of the British? Wharfs Morgan in other words.’

Then, evidently having empowered America to utilize lethal weapons against Morgan, he meanders off to appreciate the rest of his Christmas.
Round ten: October 12, 2013
In another interview, Morgan tells a protracted account about being in discussion with Justin Timberlake, Samuel L. Jackson what’s more, Get Fortunate vocalist Pharrell Williams at the GQ awards.
Clarkson at that point strolled past: ‘I shake his hand what’s more, it’s all extremely civilised,’ Morgan recounts.

‘And he sees these illuminating presences who obviously have totally no thought who he is, what’s more, I just give him the eye.

‘It was time for Jeremy to exit organize left. This was a big-pond quartet. What’s more, he just rearranged off meekly.’
Round 11: October 27, 2013
Clarkson has held up more than two weeks to strike back at Morgan. Yet presently he tweets a picture of his nemesis, with the words: ‘What a great **** this man is. I can’t hold up for the day he goes to prison.’

Two hours afterward Morgan fires back, ‘You had your shot — tragically you punch like a muscle-depleted chihuahua. So pipe down, you contorted old fool.’  What’s more, later: ‘I ponder in the event that poor old Jeremy Clarkson’s little hissy fit today is associated to Top Gear’s breaking down appraisals & gossipy tidbits it may be axed?’

And again: ‘Remember, Jeremy Clarkson needed striking medical attendants to be “shot .?.?. execute them in front of their families”. Flawless man.’

And, afterward still: ‘Being called a great **** by a supremacist pot-bellied pig Jeremy Clarkson who needs medical attendants executed is the purest definition of irony.’

Finally Clarkson gets a tweet in edgeways: ‘Last time I saw Wharfs Morgan, he was at a party tuning in to Samuel L Jackson what’s more, Justin Timberlake. I was there

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