Who’s wily now? Pack of COYOTES help catch fugitive wanted for theft after he fled in a hospital gown

Tally on a pack of wily coyotes to offer assistance get a subtle criminal.
Daniel Rice, 21, was being held in an Iowa imprison a week prior on charges of theft, theft what’s more, criminal fiendishness at the point when he was taken to a healing center in Muscatine to be treated for a heart condition.
During his remain at Trinity Muscatine healing facility last Monday, Rice some way or another overseen to slip out of cuffs what’s more, took off on foot wearing as it were a feeble clinic gown, which he afterward lost.
As sheriff’s appointees in Muscatine, Iowa, were occupied seeking for the fugitive, authorities in Illinois City, Illinois, found 8 miles away, got an sudden call from a man saying that he was being pursued by a extensive pack of wild coyotes, concurring to Muscatine Journal.  
The call was put just after midnight on October 22 from Uproarious Thunder Backwoods Protect by Rice, who gave the 911 dispatcher a false name, Zachary Turner, in a offer to hide his identity, revealed WQAD. 
On the 911 call, the criminal said that he what’s more, another individual were being sought after in the woods by 20-30 coyotes.
‘I got a stick to guard ourselves,’ the suspect told the 911 dispatcher.
Rock Island Province Sheriff’s agents reacted to the nature save what’s more, found Rice, whom they rapidly recognized as the Iowa criminal much appreciated to a pacemaker scar on his chest.
The 21-year-old suspected criminal was went with by his wife, Samantha May, reported KWQC. Agreeing to her Facebook page, the lady has three children, counting a infant baby.
Ever the fan of aliases, on social media Daniel Rice goes by the name Ethan D Leaver.  
Rice was taken into authority what’s more, is being held in the Muscatine Province Imprison on $50,000 money bail. He is due back in court November 3.
In expansion to his past charges, the 21-year-old presently faces a tally of escape from custody.

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