The Secret Service said Monday that it will investigate the recent hacking of the Fox News political Twitter account.

The Mystery Benefit said Monday that it will explore the later hacking of the Fox News political Twitter account. 
Hackers took control of the account on Sunday what’s more, utilized it to tweet counterfeit news of President Obama’s assassination.
Fox News said in a explanation that it had cautioned the Mystery Benefit of the incident.
All the president’s men: The Mystery Benefit routinely get included at the point when there are references to a U.S. president dying
It said it was told by representative George Ogilvie that the law authorization organization would do ‘appropriate take after up.’
The Think Blog at Stony Stream College said that it had talked with a delegate of the gathering that guaranteed to be capable for the hack, The Content Kiddies.
Late Sunday night, the programmers changed the logo of the Fox News account to a Content Kiddies logo what’s more, referenced the group, tweeting at the @AnonymousIRC account, for instance, that TheScriptKiddies would cherish to assist.
Realistic looking: The counterfeit posts reporting that President Obama had been shot
These tweets were expelled some time recently the six tweets with respect to Obama’s counterfeit death were posted on Monday, reports.
Several Content Kiddies accounts that boasted about the hack have too been removed.
The Mystery Service, whose work it is to secure the president, continuously take talk of the president’s death lightly, indeed on social networks.

When a Facebook survey inquired ‘Should Obama be killed?’ in 2009, the Mystery Benefit followed its source to a juvenile, despite the fact that no charges were filed.
Similarly, two Twitter accounts that tweeted ‘ASSASSINATION! America, we survived the Deaths what’s more, Lincoln & Kennedy. We’ll unquestionably get over a projectile to Barack Obama’s head’ what’s more, ‘You Ought to be Assassinated!! @Barack Obama’ after the wellbeing mind change vote last year both enlivened Mystery Benefit investigations.

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