Faces of the American Muslims who died fighting for their country after 9/11 revealed as fallen soldier’s father tells Trump: ‘You have sacrificed nothing and no-one’

The discourse by the father of Skipper Humayun Khan, an American Muslim fighter who kicked the bucket serving his nation, was a standout amongst the most striking snapshots of the Popularity based National Tradition.

An enthusiastic Khizr Khan held up a duplicate of the Constitution and assaulted Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump by saying: ‘You have yielded nothing and nobody.’

In any case, Commander Khan is not by any means the only Muslim-American to kick the bucket in the line of obligation.

No less than 10 others were slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan with a few reports saying that no less than 14 passed on in the decade after 9/11.


Actually Muslims have battled for America in each significant clash backpedaling to and including the Progressive War.

More than 15,000 Bedouin Americans battled for the Partners amid the Second World War and hundreds have served in discretionary positions or as interpreters for US troops from that point forward.

A report from 2011 demonstrated that 6,024 Muslims have battled respectably in the US military since 9/11, a number which is without a doubt higher today.

One of the most noteworthy positioning Muslims was Marine Colonel Douglas Burpee, who put in over 20 years in the military.

In one meeting he stated: ‘Everybody knows I’m a Muslim. When I fly, joined to my pooch labels, I wear a pendant with an entry from the Koran’.

Every day Mail Online has profiled some of Chief Khan’s peers who have made a definitive relinquish for their nation.

Commander Mohsin Naqvi: Enrolled four days after 9/11

Commander Naqvi kicked the bucket in Afghanistan on September 17 2008 only three months after he wedded his better half, Raazia, and was given a memorial service in a similar mosque.

He was let go in the Al-Fatemah Islamic Center in Colonie, NY, in a blend of military memorial service and customary Muslim administration.

Armed force officers remained in their socks with their heads hanging as the group rehashed: ‘Allah Akbar’.

A short time later Commander Naqvi was covered with full military respects at Evergreen Commemoration Stop.

Remaining by his child’s grave, Chief Naqvi’s dad Nazar stated: ‘He gave a definitive relinquish – his life – only for America.’

He additionally stated: ‘First he was American. At that point he was Muslim.’

Skipper Naqvi, 42, who was conceived in Pakistan, had presented with the first Contingent, eleventh Infantry, based out of Fortification Benning, Georgia

He kicked the bucket alongside three different officers in Gerdia Seria, Afghanistan, when a hazardous gadget exploded close to their vehicle and made it overturn. According to reports his family had moved to America when he was eight.

He agreed to accept the military four days after the 9/11 assaults to enhance relations between the US and whatever is left of the world.

He battled amid the Iraq War and re-enrolled for a voyage through Afghanistan – and was sent the day after his wedding.

Skipper Naqvi was after death granted a Purple Heart and Bronze Star with valor, which were given to his dowager.

At his grave Skipper Naqvi’s dad lashed out at the depiction of Muslims after the 9/11 assaults.

He stated: ‘Why are we Muslims being reprimanded for something done by 19 individuals? Why? Why would that be? We are energetic Americans’.

Significant James Michael Ahearn: Changed over for affection

Major Ahearn was a Muslim change over who wedded an Iraqi lady who he conveyed to the US, wedded. The couple had a child young lady together.

He figured out how to communicate in Arabic and had a significant regard and comprehension of Iraqi culture and traditions.

Major Ahearn kicked the bucket on July 5 2007 from wounds caused by an unstable gadget while on watch in Baghdad in Iraq.

The 43-year-old was a common issues officer relegated to 96th Common Issues Force, 95th Common Issues Unit (Airborne) at Stronghold Bragg, North Carolina.

Initially from Harmony, California, he served 18 years in the military including visits amid the Bay War in which he was doled out to a tank team.

He passed on nearing the finish of his third voyage through obligation in the Iraq War.

He met his significant other, Lena, in 2003 where she was filling in as a military interpreter. She portrayed it as ‘all consuming, instant adoration’.

She told the Los Angeles Times: ‘Jimmy was the best blessing I at any point had’.

Major Ahearn changed over to Islam so he could wed Lena and enrolled the assistance of Representative John McCain to slice through the formality to get her to America.

The couple named their little girl ‘Khadija’, after the spouse of the Prophet Muhammad.

Among the awards he won amid his vocation were a Bronze Star for valor, a Purple Heart and five Armed force Honor decorations.

He was given an Islamic internment at Arlington National Graveyard.

Staff Sgt Ayman Taha: Exceptional strengths saint

Armed force Staff Sergeant Ayman A. Taha was near completing his PhD in financial matters however chosen to join to the Extraordinary Powers.

The 31-year-old had confidence in doing ‘great deeds’ and felt constrained to serve his nation.

He was appointed to the third Legion, fifth Unique Powers Gathering, Fortification Campbell, Kentucky.

Sergeant Taha kicked the bucket on December 30 2005 as he was setting up a weapons reserve for pulverization in Balad, Iraq, when it detonated.

He was initially from Sudan yet experienced childhood in Virginia and moved on from the College of California at Berkeley before gaining a graduate degree in financial aspects.

A companion said that joining the Exceptional Strengths was ‘something he felt constrained to do’ and he did as such in 2002 under the 18X program, which enables individuals to enroll with remarkable aptitudes.

Sgt Taha could communicate in English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese, with Arabic being especially valuable to the military.

His dad worked for the World Bank but instead than take after his strides Sgt Taha chosen to join and battle for America.

He is made due by his better half Geraldine and his little girl Sommer.

Sgt Taha’s dad Abdel-Rahman Taha said that his child was a passionate Muslim who felt ‘the message of Islam is exceptionally basic – to put stock in God and do great deeds’.

He stated: ‘He trusted that what he was doing were the great deeds Islam is requesting’.

Sgt Taha was after death granted the Bronze Star Award, the Purple Heart, the Exemplary Administration Decoration, the Iraq Battle Award, the Armed force Great Lead Award and the Battle Infantryman Identification.

Cpl Kareem Khan: Enrolled to demonstrate Muslims were not all enthusiasts

Corporal Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, 20, was held up by previous Secretary of State Colin Powell for instance of how Muslims can be energetic Americans and serve in the military.

Secretary Powell has said that Corporal Khan ‘was 14 years of age at the season of 9/11, and he held up until the point that he could go serve his nation, and he gave his life’.

Corporal Khan kicked the bucket on August 6 2007 in Baqouba, Iraq, alongside four others when the house that they were clearing was demolished by an impact.

He was conceived in Neptune, New Jersey and was a tremendous devotee of the Dallas Cowpokes.

He likewise adored treks to Disneyworld and cherished playing computer games with his 12-year old stepsister, Aliya.

Corporal Khan enrolled straight after graduation and was sent to Iraq in July 2006, wanting to demonstrate that not all Muslims were jihadist aficionados.

As per his eulogy in the Newark Star-Record he had sent home pictures to his group of him player soccer with Iraqi youngsters.

After his demise his dad, Feroze Khan stated: ‘His Muslim confidence did not make him not have any desire to go. It never ceased him. He took a gander at it that he’s American and he has a vocation to do.’

Corporal Khan was covered at Arlington National Graveyard with conventional Islamic rituals and a full military entombment.

Spc. Rasheed Sahib: ‘He was an American solider’

Master Rasheed Sahib, 22, was an American Muslim from Guyana who was slaughtered in Iraq on May 18 2003.

He was a US occupant and was hoping to end up noticeably a native upon his arrival from battle.

His desire was to wind up plainly a FBI specialist and he wanted to head off to college toward the finish of his administration in Iraq, which started just fourteen days after the intrusion of the nation.

His family lived in Rulers, New York and he was doled out to twentieth Handle Cannons Regiment, fourth Infantry Division, Fortification Hood, Texas

As per the Armed force rendition of occasions, he was executed when a companion inadvertently shot him in Balad, Iraq.

The other officer was cleaning his weapon when it discharged and a shot his Expert Sahib in the chest.

His mom Fizoon said that despite the fact that her child was not a sincere Muslim, she thought he supplicated each night and read the Koran.

She said that when her child joined the Armed force ‘no one had fears about him being Muslim. He was an American warrior’.

Sgt Damon Waters-Bey: Dead, Day Two of Iraq War

Marine Staff Sergeant Kendall Damon Waters-Bey was a Muslim change over from Baltimore, Maryland who served in the Inlet War.

The 29-year-old was executed in a helicopter crash on Walk 20 2003 that close Umm Qasr, an Iraqi port close to the Kuwait fringe, that additionally killed three different Marines and eight English Regal Marines.

it was just the second day of threats.

A father-of-one, he was a longstanding individual from the Moorish Science Sanctuary of America, an African American Muslim association.

Pro Waters-Bey was covered at an interfaith administration at St Matthew’s Catholic Church Baltimore gone to by Rep Elijah Cummings, previous Maryland representative Robert Ehrlich and previous Baltimore Chairman Martin O’Malley.

There was likewise an extensive number of Marines and a transport heap of officers from the Baltimore police division.

The administration started with a Muslim call to supplication before addresses by different religious pioneers

Rev Joseph Muth, minister of St Matthew’s said amid the administration: ‘We are in the place of the Master.

‘We accumulate today as Christians, Muslims and Jews to express gratefulness to one God. We express appreciation to Staff Sergeant Kendall Waters-Bey. We are here to witness that he gave by his life’.

Pro Waters-Bey was covered at Army Timberland Veterans Burial ground in Owings Plants in Maryland where Marines let go a salute in his respect.

His dowager, his mom and his child were given US banners amid the administration.

Expert Azhar Ali: Longed for being a NYPD cop

Azhar Ali left Pakistan for New York at 14 years old and longed for turning into a cop.

He wanted to join the New York Police Office in the wake of serving in the National Protect however in

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