Controversial 5billion fighter jet which took 15 years to build dogged by problems every week, says engineer

The dubious Joint Strike Contender stealth fly is being stubborn by new specialized issues each week, the most senior English design working on the air ship has revealed.
The Joint Strike Warrior (JSF) has as of now cost £5 billion what’s more, taken 15 a long time to develop. 
It has endured a arrangement of misfortunes counting a crack fire which grounded the armada what’s more, the affirmation prior this year that it was beaten in a battle work out by a fly outlined 40 a long time ago.
Now, Lieutenant Leader Beth Kitchen, the senior UK building officer on the test team, has composed in a Illustrious Naval force journal: ‘Squadron specialists encounter new specialized flaws for the to begin with time weekly.
‘Most are as anticipated by the [aircraft’s] designers; be that as it may specialized issues still happen amid flight where segments did not perform as expected.’ 
Joint Strike Fighter, too known as the F-35 Lightning II, was chosen by the Government in 2001 to supplant the UK’s armada of Harrier aircraft.
A Service of Protection representative said last night: ‘The Lightning II remains on track to work from RAF Marham [in Norfolk] in 2018 what’s more, from our bearers in 2020.’



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