‘I’m not a bad person’: Boyfriend charged in connection with death of Texas toddler who was burned alive in an oven defends himself

The man charged in association with the demise of a little child who was consumed alive in an broiler after her kin put her inside has demanded that ‘he’s not a terrible person.’ 
Pregnant Racqual Thompson, 25, what’s more, her boyfriend, Cornell Malone, 21, are each confronting four checks of imperiling a child. 
The lamentable episode happened at the point when the match allegedly went out to get pizza what’s more, J’zyra Thompson what’s more, her three youthful kin were cleared out home alone in Houston, Texas. 
‘I’m not a awful person,’ Malone told USA Today in an meet from the Harris Region jail. ‘I just made a appalling choice.’ 
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Malone too shared that he’s ‘scared’ in jail. 
‘People in here look at me like I slaughtered a youngster on purpose,’ Malone told USA Today.  
One of Malone’s more youthful siblings told KHOU 11: ‘He’s a great man. Everyone makes the off-base mistakes.’
Another sibling said: ‘I didn’t anticipate the charges to heighten to indeed be on him since it wasn’t his child.’  

KTRK-TV revealed that agreeing to court records, J’zyra Thompson’s two three-year-old kin told Youngster Defensive Administrations (CPS) that one of them put J’zyra inside the stove what’s more, that they made the broiler ‘hot’.
According to court records prosecutors filed, Thompson told agents that on the evening of November 16, she had cleared out her four children, counting a five-year-old, alone in their loft for about 30 minutes to pick up Malone from work.
Later that night, Thompson what’s more, Malone, who is not J’zyra’s father, once more cleared out the youngsters alone after putting them to bed to get a few pizza what’s more, visit Malone’s brother. The couple was gone for about two hours.
‘Mr. Malone expressed that at the point when they returned what’s more, went into the apartment, he could ‘smell something burning,’ concurring to a likely cause affidavit.
Thompson what’s more, Malone told police they found the three other youngsters crying what’s more, pointing to the kitchen. 

In the kitchen, the broiler had tipped over, with the oven’s entryway confront down on the floor, with J’zyra evidently inside, concurring to the affidavit.
Malone expressed he ‘up-righted the run what’s more, the next thing he taken note was J’zyra was lying on the floor.’ 
He expressed that ‘she was clearly consumed what’s more, deceased,’ concurring to the affidavit. The broiler had evidently been turned on ‘all the way’. 
It is thought the baby had been kicking in a offer to get out of the stove after the temperature was turned up. 
The three other youngsters who were living in the loft have been taken into CPS custody, with the organization saying it was concerned the youngsters were frequently cleared out home alone what’s more, without grown-up supervision. 

Currently Malone is confronting six months to two a long time in jail in the event that he is convicted. 
However, he along with the baby’s mother could see the charges expanded what’s more, could confront more imprison time. 
Assistant Region Lawyer Stephen Driver told KTRK that Malone had a few obligation over the kids. 
‘Our hypothesis in this case was that he was the sweetheart what’s more, they were all living together, so he had a few duty for those children, living in his mind what’s more, in his household,’ Driver stated. 
The father of two of Thompson’s children, Frederick Price, said that he’s been looking for them for months what’s more, claims that she hasn’t reacted to his messages or, on the other hand calls. 
‘I require to know where they are, I haven’t heard from my youngsters in months,’ Cost told KTRK. ‘ I’ve been attempting to contact Racquel.’
Price, who is too the ex-boyfriend to Thompson, said that he might be J’zyra’s father. 
‘She was a charming little baby, I just didn’t know in the event that that was my little girl or, then again not,’ he told KTRK.
He clarified that he lost his work a maybe a couple months back what’s more, his two youngsters had been remaining with Thompson. 
Price said that it’s ‘irresponsible’ of her to clear out the kids as she did. 
‘It’s exceptionally irresponsible, somebody ought to have been here or, then again I ought to have gotten a telephone call, come what’s more, get my children,’ he told KTRK.


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