Mom of girl who was burned alive by mystery attacker reveals final words she spoke to her daughter before she took her last breath

The mother of a Mississippi youngster who was consumed alive in her auto has uncovered the last words she talked to her girl as she lay biting the dust in a clinic bed.
Lisa Daugherty hurried to her little girl Jessica Chambers’ bedside in December 7 she lay biting the dust with 98 percent of her body secured in burns.
Knowing their time together was short, Daughterty told 19-year-old Jessica to let go.
‘I just looked at her what’s more, said, ‘I know you’re in pain, Baby, on the off chance that you need to go, you can go.’ 
Then, says Daugherty, ‘she took her last breath.’
Daugherty had too told Jessica her father was there, too, despite the fact that he was as well stricken to see his girl swathed what’s more, dying. 

‘Jessica, it’s OK, Baby, Mama’s here, what’s more, Daddy’s in the holding up room. You know your daddy — he’s a big, old infant what’s more, he can’t come in here, yet he’s here. What’s more, we adore you,'” Daugherty reviewed to the Jackson Clarion Ledger?. 
Months after her daughter’s death, the horrifying wrongdoing remains unsolved. What’s more, Daugherty remains both frequented what’s more, support by Jessica’s memory.
‘The last words she said to me was, “I’m cleaning my auto what’s more, getting something to eat what’s more, I’ll be home.” That was at 7 something that night, what’s more, I keep holding up on her to come home.’ 
She was still alive at the point when a passing driver saw her lying close her consuming Kia Rio vehicle about 8:15pm December 7, what’s more, she talked to safeguard workers, Locale Lawyer John Champion has said.
‘We’re not discharging what she said, be that as it may we’re acting on it,’ he said.
Authorities had as of January talked to over 100 individuals without recognizing a prime suspect the Clarion Ledger.   
State what’s more, government law authorization offices are working together on the case.
Until there’s a break in the case–which Daugherty solidly accepts will come–the lamenting mother says her little girl ‘cannot rest.’ 
‘She knows who did this. She has told who did this,’ Daugherty told WMC.

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