The mother, who does not wish to be named, accused Surbiton High School of ‘usurping’ her role as parent by failing to inform her the teenager faced such a serious charge.

The mother, who does not wish to be named, denounced Surbiton High School of ‘usurping’ her part as parent by falling flat to illuminate her the adolescent confronted such a genuine charge.
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She too talked of her “overwhelming fury” that the £9,678-a-year school permitted the young lady to show up in court without lawful representation.
The case is certain to revive the face off regarding about parents’ right to know at the point when matters influencing their youngsters come to schools’ attention.
The school, in South West London, has guaranteed the young lady had a right to confidentiality, indeed from her parents, under information security laws what’s more, the so-called “Gillick judgment”.
This lawful point of reference permits youthful young ladies to take contraception in mystery as long as they completely get it their choice – what’s more, the school says it moreover applies to crimes.
But top training legal advisors recently cast genuine question on the school’s defence.
They accept the girl’s guardians could sue the school for break of contract over its disappointment to advise them of her predicament.
They contend private schools have a “duty of care” to advise fee-paying guardians under their contracts with them.
The schoolgirl was captured in 2004 after a transport overseer gotten her utilizing a photocopied travel pass.
She said she had lost her claim pass what’s more, had not inquired her guardians for cash to purchase a new one as it was the second time she had misplaced the pass.
The young lady photocopied her friend’s pass what’s more, appended her claim photograph to it.
Accompanied as it were by a friend, the girl, by at that point 18, voyage over London from Surrey to Brent judges court where she argued not blameworthy to two charges – burglary by deception, what’s more, falsification what’s more, counterfeiting.

Her mother said: “She was so shaken at the point when she read the words ‘released on unrestricted bail’.
“She thought she was going to go to prison. She flew into a panic, what’s more, by whatever implies the school came to find out about it.”
Three months after the starting hearing, the young lady went to court again, went with by a teacher.
When she changed her request to blameworthy of theft, the falsification charge was dropped what’s more, she was fined £100 with £100 costs.
Months later, her guardians found out at the point when an official looking letter arrived at home.
Her mother, whose spouse is a organization director, said: “Fortunately, the letter arrived on a Saturday. We saw it was extremely official what’s more, we made her open it in front of us.
“I was completely devastated. It was lovely upsetting to see the words ‘convicted under the robbery act’ in connection to your daughter.
“I felt that our part as guardians had been totally usurped.
“I have two issues. One is that we were not educated by the school. Yet in the event that you accept, as we did at the time, legally-speaking they could not tell us, at that point I felt an overpowering wrath they had not done the work appropriately themselves.
“Of course, there is a trust that on the off chance that we had known, she may not have been convicted. Yet at minimum we would have gone to court with her what’s more, she would have had the best specialist we could have created for her. As it was, she didn’t indeed see the obligation specialist at court.”
Dr Jennifer Longhurst, head of Surbiton High, said: “Section 2 of the Information Security Act 1998 alludes to touchy individual data, counting criminal offenses what’s more, sentences imposed.
“According to our legitimate advisers, where a understudy is regarded by the school to be ‘Gillick competent’ we are incapable to unveil touchy individual information to guardians without the earlier particular assent of the pupil.
“Where the wishes of the understudy repudiate those of her guardians the pupil’s wishes will take precedence. Giving lawful guidance is not inside the transmit of the school.”

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