Man sues after being denied $21.4M jackpot because his ticket printed SEVEN SECONDS late

The proverb ‘time is money’ has demonstrated true for one Canadian man who has spent the last seven a long time what’s more, $100,000 battling for, what he accepts is, his legitimate half of a $21.4 million lottery prize.
Joel Ifergan’s seven-year fight against Loto-Quebec came to a frustrating end Thursday at the point when the country’s most noteworthy court ruled it wouldn’t hear his case, concurring to The Globe what’s more, Mail. 
Ifergan, of Montreal, has been battling for half of the May 23, 2008 Super 7 big stake fortune after a PC delay caused his ticket to print seven seconds after the cutoff time.
Ifergan picked the winning numbers for the big stake of $21.4 million (27 million Canadian dollars). Yet Loto-Quebec rejected his ticket since it had the following week’s draw date printed on the top as a result of the seven-second print delay, concurring to the Toronto Sun.
Ifergan sued the province’s lottery controller faulting the delay — what’s more, the $21.4 million misfortune — on the company’s focal PC system, concurring to ITV news. 
‘The due date that they promote was for 9 p.m. –- which I did,’ Ifergan told CTV.
Ifergan said the seven-year fight has cost him more than $100,000 in lawful fees. 

On that game changing May night, Ifergan made a last-minute choice to buy two Super 7 Loto-Quebec lottery tickets amid a stop at a accommodation store for ice cream, agreeing to TIME magazine.
The clock read 8.59pm at the point when Ifergan bought the tickets, what’s more, the cutoff time for the draw was 9pm. 
With as it were seconds cleared out some time recently the clock struck nine, the to start with of the two tickets popped out, be that as it may the second was seven seconds late which driven to the new draw date, the Globe what’s more, Mail reports.
‘I’m truly frustrated in the decision, what’s more, it’s not since it’s about the money,’ Ifergan told CTV
‘My campaign is up, I’ve done all I can, I spent enough cash going to the Incomparable Court… it cost me a part of money, yet it moreover devoured me for seven years.’
The Quebec Unrivaled Court ruled against Ifergan in 2012 what’s more, the Court of Claim ruled against him in 2014.
Loto-Quebec spokesman, Jean-Pierre Roy, told CTV that no convention changes will be made in the future.
‘The judgment was clear what’s more, persuading that Loto-Quebec systems were out and out dependable what’s more, coordinated what’s more, were the right ones,’ Roy said.
But, Ifergan contended that the company’s slow-processing framework puts individuals in Quebec at a impediment thought about with the rest of Canada, concurring to CTV. 
‘Had those tickets been purchased anyplace else in Canada, I would have been a tycoon seven a long time ago,’ Ifergan said. 
The Lotto Super 7 has since been ended what’s more, supplanted with Lotto Max.  


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