DOG RAGE: It’s the question dividing Britain. Can you feel any sympathy for the neighbour who killed a dog because it wouldn’t stop barking? Here, the dead pet’s owners tell their side

The stone statue of a fringe terrier sits next to the lake in Alan what’s more, Alison Boddington’s nation plant in noiseless memory of their treasured canine Meg, who passed on last July.
Every time they look at the cutting through the window, it brings back seven a long time of glad memories; of skittering paws, a obscure of wiry tan what’s more, grey-coloured hide what’s more, the soundtrack of Meg’s energized barking.
It’s spooky calm in the Boddington’s plant these days with Meg gone — or, on the other hand Or maybe severely silenced, for not everybody shared the family’s enchant in her perky what’s more, some of the time boisterous exuberance.
Indeed, the stone model by the lake too serves as a agonizing update of how Meg’s life finished — in a pail of water, suffocated by a neighbor so goaded by her yapping he ‘snapped’ in a minute of ‘insanity’.
In a case which joined together the nation’s dog-lovers in outrage, business pilot Stephen Woodhouse, 53, was this week given a 12-week jail sentence, suspended for two years, after conceding causing pointless enduring to an creature coming about in its demise in a indictment brought by the RSPCA.
Suspended by his employers, the carrier Flybe, pending an investigation, Woodhouse presently has bounty of time to examine the reestablished peace what’s more, calm of his garden, continuous by Meg’s ‘incessant barking’.
Whether he can appreciate it is another matter, for Meg’s apparition couldn’t cast a longer shadow over this lovely cut of Northamptonshire.
‘What he did was despicable. I can’t bear to think of how Meg endured what’s more, never need to see or, on the other hand talk to Stephen Woodhouse again,’ says telecoms specialist Alison, 50, who lives with her spouse of 25 years, auto merchant Alan, 48, what’s more, their kids Alexandra, 19, what’s more, 15-year-old George.
‘Meg was such a sweet-natured what’s more, well disposed little dog. She wasn’t just a pet, she was special. She implied the world to us what’s more, everybody knew that.’
The Boddingtons purchased Meg as an eight-week-old family puppy in 2007 for their little girl Lauren, who was conceived with extreme disabilities. Sadly, Lauren kicked the bucket five a long time prior from flu just after her tenth birthday.
‘They had such a close bond. At the point when Lauren was ill, Meg would lie by her bed what’s more, at the point when Lauren kicked the bucket it felt like Meg was all we had cleared out of her. Losing Meg revived all the old wounds of losing Lauren,’ says Alison.
‘The most noticeably awful part is, we don’t indeed know in the event that he’s too bad for suffocating Meg, since he’s never once apologized to us. What he did was disgraceful what’s more, I think he merited a custodial sentence. I was imploring for it.
‘My as it were comfort is that he has presently been suspended from flying pending an investigation, despite the fact that I think it’s shocking that he was still permitted to fly in the five months between his liable supplication what’s more, sentencing. In the event that somebody can snap over a yapping dog, what about a crying infant on a flight?’
A new 9ft wooden fence presently separates the Boddington’s home — their home for 18 a long time — from Woodhouse’s home behind. He moved there with his second spouse in 2009.
Alison tells me it was put up by Woodhouse after she hurled an egg at him in a fit of furious lose hope at the point when she spotted him in his plant before long after he’d argued blameworthy in December. She missed, be that as it may the police were called. The episode was ‘recorded’, she says, yet no further activity was taken.
The transcending fence couldn’t be plainer confirm of the bitter, unforgiving quiet between these once well disposed neighbours. Alison says it’s a ‘godsend’.
It stands straightforwardly behind the 6ft fence that utilized to discrete the families; the same fence through which Woodhouse come to to get Meg by the scruff of neck on July 26 last year.
After holding the creature down in a butt of water, he put her body in the boot of his auto what’s more, dumped her in a hedgerow, returning later, the court heard, to move her what’s more, endeavor to hack out the microchip in her neck with a cut to expel her identification.
As the Boddingtons propelled a edgy seven-day search, Woodhouse asserted to have no thought of Meg’s whereabouts. He at long last admitted to police after follows of the dog’s hide were found in his auto boot by a suspicious Alison, along with rope what’s more, a knife.
At his sentencing, the court heard he’d told officers he couldn’t adapt with the yelping after enduring a heart assault in 2013, explaining: ‘The puppy was yap, yap, yapping, It was an act of desperation. I had to stop the noise. It was driving me mad.’
Outside the court, Woodhouse conceded murdering Meg ‘was a awful thing to do’, yet he has remained noiseless since, unwilling to expound at the point when the Mail afterward drawn closer him. Yet an enthusiastic Alison fumes: ‘I can’t acknowledge he just snapped in a minute of madness. Didn’t he stop to think, “What am I doing?” as he gotten Meg what’s more, at that point held her down in the water?
‘I could get it on the off chance that he had just lashed out. Yet to at that point arrange of her body, knowing that we were frantically looking for her, I find outlandish to forgive. He must have known the pain he was causing us.’
While most open bolster has gone to the Boddingtons, Woodhouse is not without a certain degree of sympathy. Numerous others have depicted the experience of living next entryway to yapping puppies what’s more, proprietors who remain hard of hearing to the interminable yapping.
B ut Alan retorts: ‘I’m not saying Meg didn’t bark, yet it’s not as in the event that she was a few huge protect canine growling at everyone. She was the most sweet-natured little pooch what’s more, it wasn’t excessive.
‘If it disturbed him so much, he ought to have said something to us what’s more, we would have done something about it. A couple of a long time some time recently Meg died, we were visiting over the fence what’s more, he said, “She doesn’t half bark, that pooch of yours”, yet it was never said again.’
Alison adds: ‘Other neighbors who live much nearer to us have never once grumbled about Meg’s barking. We never cleared out our canines in the plant all day what’s more, in the event that we felt they were being as well noisy, we’d bring them in.’
Alison appears me a number of marked witness explanations neighbors given to the RSPCA expressing their feeling that Meg was not a annoyance what’s more, did not bark excessively.
And despite the fact that Woodhouse asserted he had grumbled to the committee about her barking, no confirm of this was created in court.
Alison appears me an airborne photo of the two properties in Long Buckby. Far from living cheek-by-jowl, there’s a 120ft enclosure isolating the Boddingtons’ arrive from Woodhouse’s home what’s more, garden.
She says she could get it in the event that they lived in abutting patio houses, yet they don’t. As for noise, she claims the racket from Woodhouse’s ride-on lawnmower was just as irritating to them.
For what harms Alan what’s more, Alison most in this too bad adventure is that they thought they had a great neighborly relationship with Woodhouse where, in the event that something was truly disturbing either party, the matter could securely be raised without fear of causing offence. Alan had indeed sold a auto to Woodhouse, who would frequently pop round for a glass of tea what’s more, a chat.
Alan says: ‘I wouldn’t say we were the best of friends, yet we were friendly. Steve had been an design some time recently preparing as a pilot, so he’d offer to repair apparatuses for me what’s more, I’d welcome him on angling trips.’
Alison adds: ‘We’d been for dinners together at the nearby Indian eatery what’s more, one Boxing Day I welcomed all the neighbors round for drinks — what’s more, he came. We’d wave to each other as I drove past what’s more, regularly visited over the fence.’
Alison indeed recollects waving to Woodhouse the morning of July 26 last year as she drove two companions of her child George home after a sleepover, clearing out Meg what’s more, their other dog, a springer spaniel called Gem, in the garden.
Gone for no more than 15 minutes, Alison was welcomed on her return by Pearl — of Meg, there was no sign. ‘It was as in the event that Meg had just vanished,’ says Alison. ‘I just couldn’t get it it. The plant was enclosed, what’s more, indeed in the event that somebody had cleared out a entryway open, she wasn’t the sort to run off.
‘I called Alan in a finish freeze what’s more, he jemmied up the decking in the plant in case she’d pursued a rabbit what’s more, move toward becoming trapped, yet there was no sign of her. Everybody in the neighborhood must have heard us calling for her.
‘Then we went running down to the channel close our home in case she’d run off, inquiring in the event that anybody had seen her. I felt very edgy yet never envisioned for a second that somebody might have hurt her.’
Alison went to the Woodhouses that day to inquire them to check their enclosure outbuildings, yet no one was home. So Alison sent a content message to Mr Woodhouse – what’s more, was astounded to get no reply.
Soon a nearby group of volunteers had plunged to offer assistance the Boddington’s search, reacting to a supplication made by Alexandra on a lost puppies website, what’s more, ignorant that Meg was as of now dead.
‘That evening I taken note Steve tending their chickens in the enclosure what’s more, I called him over to inquire in the event that they’d checked for Meg, yet he appeared extremely hesitant to talk which I thought was odd,’ says Alison.
S he adds: ‘He wouldn’t make eye contact what’s more, kept looking down. He was extremely dubious what’s more, kept attempting to end the conversation. I was extremely suspicious what’s more, a while later I told Alan I was persuaded he had something to do with Meg’s disappearance.
‘But Alan said, “You can’t talk like that, what a appalling thing to think,” what’s more, I at that point felt extremely liable for indeed suspecting such a thing.’
The chase for Meg continued.
‘We were seeking each day from day break until 11.30pm. At that point Alexandra would drive out to look once more in the center of the night without telling us since she couldn’t sleep, stressing about Meg,’ says Alison. 
Alan adds: ‘Two days after Meg’s disappearance, I was sitting outside our nearby bar with a customer at the point when I saw Steve strolling with his spouse towards us. He looked extremely uncomfortable, as on the off chance that he didn’t need to talk to me.
‘Then, reluctantly it appeared to me, he came over what’s more, said, “Any good fortune with finding Meg?” He was acting so strangely, what’s more, sounded so nervous, I thought possibly Alison was right after all.’
Their doubts were affirmed when, afterward that day, Alison went to their neighbours’ house to talk to them once more and, figuring it out they were out, opened the opened boot of Woodhouse’s auto — the one her spouse had sold him — on a hunch.
‘There was no mixing up Meg’s hide in the boot of Steve’s auto what’s more, I felt debilitated at the point when I saw the cut what’s more, rope,’ says Alison. ‘I was in a appalling state what’s more, didn’t know what to do, so I called Alan what’s more, we chosen to call the police.’
When police addressed Woodhouse, he denied all involvement, yet in the end conceded he’d taken the canine since of her barking, dumping her a couple of miles away.
Thinking Meg was still alive, volunteer

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