EXCLUSIVE: Autistic boy, six, was ‘murdered’ by police after cop and his father were in ‘months-long’ love-triangle with meth-user mom-of-two who had 26 criminal filings

The subtle elements of a cherish triangle which came some time recently the shooting passing of a six-year-old Louisiana kid last week can be revealed.
Autistic Jeremy Mardis kicked the bucket in a hail of gunfire in Marksville last week after his father Chris Maybe a couple was pulled over by two nearby police officers who were working two jobs as city marshals at the time.
The two officers involved, Norris Nursery Jr, 23, what’s more, Derrick Stafford, 32, have since been captured what’s more, charged with the second degree kill of the child.
At a press meeting last Thursday, 29-year-old Megan Dixon, who asserted to be the fiancée of 25-year-old Few, told media that the single father had beforehand had a run-in with Nursery after the cop started informing her on Facebook.
She too uncovered that she what’s more, Maybe a couple had been contending in the stopping part of nearby bar TJ’s Relax earlier to the episode what’s more, that he had driven up alongside her, asking her to come home, minutes some time recently the shooting unfurled on Martin Luther Ruler Drive.
But presently Day by day Mail On the web can uncover that far from being kept to social media as Dixon claimed, the relationship between her what’s more, Nursery was physical what’s more, had been ‘going on for months’.
It can too be unveiled that prior in the day of the shooting, Dixon herself was halted by police what’s more, charged with three activity offenses, counting a DUI. 
Locals in Marksville, Louisiana say the mother-of-two, a meth client with a extensive criminal record, had long been ‘running around’ with Nursery what’s more, is no longer locked in to Few.
However, as as of late as last month, the 29-year-old was living with Maybe a couple at his Pineville home what’s more, utilized the address to document residential manhandle charges against previous sweetheart Joey Guillot, 35.
She is presently accepted to be remaining at her parents’ Marksville home, despite the fact that at the point when Every day Mail On the web drawn nearer the family at their unkempt property, her father risen what’s more, guaranteed ‘she don’t come here anymore’.
Dixon is too thought to be seeing a third man, recognized as ‘Fonzo’ by locals, who is said to have been remaining with her at her parents’ address.
Last week, a mournful Dixon was taped telling journalists that she what’s more, Nursery had known each other amid their days at Marksville High School be that as it may said the social media messages from him had come out of the blue.
She at that point guaranteed Maybe a couple had debilitated to murder the cop after seeing the notes what’s more, had requested him away from their Pineville home.
Dixon afterward told nearby daily paper Town Talk: ‘No, [Few] didn’t have a weapon [on the day of the shooting] since I’m the reason why this all started. What’s more, I know what happened.’
But while Dixon guaranteed her contact with Nursery was a one-off, companions paint a exceptionally unique picture what’s more, say that their dalliance is normal learning in the little Louisiana town.
‘That little young lady [Megan] was running around with [Norris] Greenhouse,’ said a man close to Dixon what’s more, Few. He inquired not to be named since of a choking arrange put in put by a judge on Monday.
‘Chris [Few] what’s more, Nursery had had a few run-ins about it before. He [Greenhouse] is a great kid. I think it was that other cop [Stafford] who turned him bad.
‘Chris is a great fellow too. It’s just that f***ing girl.’
Buddy, 25, a close companion of Few, said: ‘She’s been telling everybody that they’re locked in be that as it may they’re not – they’ve been on what’s more, off for about four a long time now.
‘The other night she was in here [TJ’s Lounge] looking for feel sorry for yet how can you do that at the point when you’re seeing other dudes?
‘She what’s more, Nursery have been f***ing around. That’s been going on for a maybe a couple months. Everybody knows what everybody is doing here.’
Vern, who runs TJ’s Relax where Maybe a couple what’s more, Dixon had contended in the run up to the shooting what’s more, was there on the night, added:
‘They [Few what’s more, Dixon] were on what’s more, off, on what’s more, off. They utilized to be locked in be that as it may they weren’t on the night it happened.
‘He [Few] was pursuing a young lady he could never get since he was the as it were one looking for a thing [a relationship]. They had been contending on the night it [the shooting] happened what’s more, she raged off.’
Greenhouse, who is thought to have posted bond what’s more, is anticipated to be discharged from imprison tomorrow pending trial, had a history of quarrels with Few.
Dixon, in her explanation to media on Thursday, asserted that Maybe a couple had move toward becoming angered after seeing messages from Nursery sent to her on Facebook what’s more, had debilitated to murder the officer.
However, local people say Maybe a couple what’s more, Nursery have experienced one another on a few other events in the past months.
Few too had a history of activity infringement and, concurring to his criminal record, was pulled over in July what’s more, charged with driving while intoxicated.
Other sources say that Nursery had a propensity for ‘harassing’ youthful ladies while a cousin told Day by day Mail On the web that he professedly beat up his previous accomplice Nicole Dauzat – the mother of his two youthful children.
Another local, 49-year-old Harold Dauzat of Hessmer – the town where Nursery developed up – said the cop was ‘always causing inconvenience what’s more, getting away with it’.
Writing on a request calling for equity for Jeremy Mardis, he too charged the 23-year-old of bothering the spouse of a companion what’s more, said he would continually pull her over ‘for no reason’.
On the night of the shooting, Maybe a couple is thought to have gathered his child from a sitter without further ado after clearing out TJ’s Relax following the contention with Dixon.
November 3 2015: Working a vehicle while inebriated
November 3 2015: Driving on the right side of the street
November 3 2015: Working a vehicle with a suspended permit
August 18 2015: Terminated engine vehicle protection
August 18 2015: Working a vehicle with a suspended permit
August 18 2015: Falling flat to guarantee that youngsters are appropriately controlled (no seatbelt)
November 25 2014: Driving under suspension
November 25 2014: Driving without a safety belt
February 14 2013: Basic robbery of an possessed abiding
August 21 2012: Speeding
November 8 2011: Unlawful utilize of controlled risky substances in the nearness of minors
August 11 2011: Ownership of a Plan I controlled unsafe substance
August 11 2011: Ownership of a Plan II
August 11 2011: Ownership of a Plan IV
August 11 2011: Ownership of tranquilize stuff
September 2 2010: Unapproved utilize of a engine vehicle
October 6 2009: Falling flat to appropriately report an mishap
October 6 2009: Terminated engine vehicle protection
October 6 2009: Reckless operation (of a vehicle)
May 26 2009: Ownership of a Plan II
May 26 2009: Ownership of a Plan IV
May 26 2009: Ownership of medicate gear
October 7 2008: Speeding
January 15 2008: Endeavored burglary
January 15 2008: Robbery of products
September 16 2003: Irritating the peace  
He is at that point accepted to have pulled up close by Dixon at a red light in a worthless offer to induce her to come home with him.
Greenhouse what’s more, Stafford at that point arrived what’s more, endeavored to pull Few’s auto over. He is thought to have knock the watch auto in an endeavor to get away – a guarantee borne out by scratches what’s more, harm afterward found on the police vehicle.
Although body cam film from a camera worn by another police officer, Sgt. Kenneth Parnell, is said to appear the father putting his hands up what’s more, surrendering, Nursery what’s more, Stafford opened fire.
Six-year-old Jeremy, who was covered on Monday in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was murdered in the front situate of his father’s auto what’s more, is thought to have been shot five times.
Today, at the point when Day by day Mail On the web gone by the scene of the shooting on Martin Luther Ruler Drive, the cul-de-sac where Jeremy passed on was trimmed with inflatables what’s more, delicate toys cleared out by well-wishers.
The landing area road, which runs close to a set of seven ancient Local American internment mounds, was still smeared with orange paint, each checking the spot where housings from the 18 slugs let go fell.
Few, who was gravely harmed in the shooting, is accepted to have woken up what’s more, been told of his son’s death.
However, he was unfit to go to his son’s memorial service what’s more, it moreover remains vague regardless of whether Jeremy’s mother, Catherine Mardis, 22, was capable to be there – having as it were as of late been discharged from jail, as Day by day Mail On the web uncovered on Tuesday.
The previous Waffle House server was bolted up in Walk on drugs what’s more, tumultuous direct charges, inciting Maybe a couple to document for sole guardianship of Jeremy.
His appeal was afterward marked off by Region Judge William Bennett, who too endorsed a movement for Dixon to be given parental rights over Jeremy.
Dixon is herself a mother of two daughters, Macy, nine, what’s more, Lyla, seven, both with previous accomplice Guillot, who lives with the girls, his new spouse Ashley what’s more, their infant child at a gray-painted trailer home in Marksville.
But, like Jeremy’s mother Catherine, Dixon too has a history of medicate manhandle what’s more, a criminal record that records 26 independent charges extending from having controlled substances to robbery what’s more, DUI.
Dixon, who documented her most later household manhandle request against Guillot early last month, moreover fizzled a court-ordered medicate test on October 7.
Tests appeared that the mother-of-two had a mixed drink of drugs in her system, counting opiates, amphetamines – meth – what’s more, ‘benzos’ – the last mentioned given to her on prescription.
Guillot, who split from Dixon in December 2013 concurring to the appeal seen by Every day Mail Online, was too found to have drugs in his framework – this time marijuana.
Dixon had moreover been trusting to recoup authority of her two little girls which she lost following a partitioned court battle in 2012.
In the petition, she claims that Guillot hit the young ladies what’s more, cleared out wounds on their arms what’s more, legs what’s more, said he ‘shoves things in their faces at the point when they don’t clean their room great enough’.
She moreover said she presently had a stable home – at Few’s address – for the young ladies what’s more, was presently capable to ‘effectively mind for my children’.
Approached by Every day Mail On the web at his trailer home on Tuesday night, Guillot moved toward becoming forceful what’s more, declined to remark on the case.

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