The teenager, who has persevered more than six weeks at sea, was escorted into dock by a flotilla of boats

The teenager, who has persevered more than six weeks at sea, was escorted into dock by a flotilla of boats
During the trip he has had to fight with goliath waves, shark-infested waters what’s more, tropical storm winds
Deputy Prime Serve John Prescott said:
“Michael has demonstrated himself another tremendously fruitful mariner in the awesome English oceanic tradition ”
The previous dealer seaman, in charge of the nation while Tony Blair occasions in Miami, added: “I have no question that the entirety nation will join me in sending congrats on this amazing accomplishment by such a youthful man ”
On coming to dry land, where he was met by a steel band, Michael said he had been overpowered by the gathering he had received
“It feels totally incredible being back on dry land, completely brilliant,” he told BBC News 24
His mother, Heather, who observed his entry from home in Potters Bar with other individuals of his family, said she had just talked to her son
“He is just so, so excited He could see all the pontoons coming out to meet him from the harbour
He is just flabbergasted by the gathering he has had ” she said
Speaking to her child by means of video-link for the to begin with time since coming to shore, Mrs Perham complimented him on his achievement
“Congratulations Michael from everybody here in the family,” she said
“We are extremely pleased of you It’s a tremendous achievement for yourself what’s more, to set an illustration for other youthful individuals to have enterprises what’s more, live life to the full ”
Michael, who has been cruising since he was seven, set off on his voyage from Gibraltar on November 18
He has utilized the exchange winds that have conveyed mariners from Europe past Africa to the Americas for centuries
His father, Peter, an experienced yachtsman, has been shadowing the trip what’s more, was in customary radio contact with his son
Michael was anticipated to wrap up his voyage recently yet a issue with a cruise on the 28ft watercraft postponed his landing in Antigua by 24 hours
He was roused to endeavor the record-breaking travel after observing the past record being set
Sebastian Clover, 15, from the Isle of Wight, cruised from the Canary Islands to Antigua in January 2003
Michael, a understudy at Chancellor’s School in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire, was given three weeks off to finish the voyage
While installed he overseen to do a few homework as well as keep a log which was distributed on a website set up for the challenge
His representative Kizzi Nkwocha said he was looking forward to the solaces of his Playstation, going to bed without being wet what’s more, a steak dinner after surviving on tinned food, prepared dinners what’s more, fish
He said: “This is an astounding moment Michael has move toward becoming the most celebrated adolescent in the world what’s more, an motivation to millions of youngsters
“I’ve just talked to him what’s more, he’s totally overpowered by the enormous open bolster his enterprise has attracted He’s inquired me to thank everybody who accepted in him at the point when everybody else said that what he needed to do was an outlandish dream
“He’s looking forward to being back on dry land, having a respectable steak feast what’s more, seeing his family what’s more, companions again ”
Speaking on his landing in Antigua, Mr Perham senior, said en-route they had had to stop off at the Canaries what’s more, Cape Verde Islands for hardware repairs which had postponed their progress
“It has taken very a while to get here yet we are satisfied to be here,” he said
He told the BBC he had never questioned that they would finish the travel what’s more, the major challenge had been attempting to remain close to one another
“We attempted to remain inside one mile of one another all the time,” he said
Michael’s record-breaking offer was supported by nearby companies He too raised cash the BBC’s Youngsters in Require what’s more, RYA Sailability, which advances cruising for crippled people
Among those inviting him shorewards were government authorities what’s more, figures from the island’s cruising community

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