Revealed: Skydiver who suffered a seizure mid-jump has EPILEPSY… but he hadn’t had a fit in four years and thought he had his condition ‘under control’

The understudy skydiver who endured a seizure while free-falling at 2743 m (9000 ft) was an epilepsy sufferer who accepted he had his condition under control. 

Incredible film appears the startling minute Christopher Jones, 22, had an epileptic seizure while free-falling at 2743 m (9000 ft).
Mr Jones, from Perth, endured the near-death encounter while attempting to do a left-hand turn in mid-air what’s more, was spared by his fast-acting sky plunging educator who opened his parachute with seconds to spare. 
Skydiving educator Sheldon McFarlane, 40, said Mr Jones had epilepsy yet hadn’t had a seizure in four a long time what’s more, had been given the all-clear by his doctor.
‘He had all the documentation what’s more, had been to his doctor, he had been seizure-free for a number of a long time what’s more, accepted he had it under control,’ Mr McFarlane told Every day Mail Australia.
Mr Jones said he envisioned of being a pilot yet was incapable to since of his condition, so he had chosen to attempt skydiving instead.
‘I’d been seizure-free for four years,’ he told ABC.
‘I’ve continuously needed to have the feeling of flight, so I just thought, considering I can’t fly a plane due to my condition, I thought I’d give it a go.’
Footage recorded from Mr McFarlane’s head protector camera appears Mr Jones rapidly lose cognizance after bouncing out of a plane over Pinjarra, south of Perth, last November.

He can be seen flipping over what’s more, shaking as he falls 1524 m (5000 ft) towards the earth in 30 seconds.
Mr McFarlane said he could see Mr Jones was turning out of control be that as it may he did not figure it out he was having a seizure.
‘He rolled over what’s more, was oblivious on his back what’s more, he begun spinning,’ he said.
‘I thought he was having tangible over-burden or, then again something, I wasn’t very beyond any doubt what was going on.
‘He was in the fetal positon.’ 
Mr McFarlane said it was a precarious move to get to Mr Jones what’s more, open his parachute, yet said he was well-trained what’s more, had more than 20 years’ encounter as an instructor. 

‘I thought it would be better to go down what’s more, make him stop,’ he said.
‘I just needed to make beyond any doubt he was safe what’s more, his parachute was open sooner Or maybe than later.’
Mr Jones recovered cognizance at 914 m (3000 ft) what’s more, overseen to arrive securely on the ground.
He was finishing arrange five of his Quickened Free Fall program with an teacher at the WA Skydiving Institute in Jandakot, southern Perth.
Mr McFarlane as it were found out Mr Jones had endured a seizure once the ground, after Mr Jones entered the overhang what’s more, told him. 

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