The youth wing of a Dutch football club has taken its remit to provide for younger players by scouting for an 18-month-old baby.

The youth wing of a Dutch football club has taken its dispatch to give for more youthful players by exploring for an 18-month-old baby.
VVV Venlo, which plays in the Netherlands’ top football league, chosen to sign up Baerke van der Meij after he moved toward becoming in web sensation on YouTube.
The little child shot to notoriety after the video was put on the web by his father appearing him strike three balls into his toy box with stick point accuracy.
Scroll down to see the Baerke’s football abilities in action…
New recruit: 18-month-old Baerke van der Meii marked up for VVV Venlo Football Club

His contract with the club, part of a 10 year contract, has started parts of interest
His method clues at his star qualities and, accepting he could well be the next Johan Cruyff or, then again Dennis Bergkamp, the club has put pastel to paper what’s more, he is presently on the books.
The club said in a statement: ‘The toddler’s top pick position has not however been determined. Be that as it may we can talk of a right-footed player with a exceptionally great kicking technique, diligence and, importantly, football qualities by means of his grandfather.

The ‘contract’ will last for the next 10 a long time what’s more, is critical for his family since his granddad too played for the same club.
His acknowledgment of a position at VVV was observed over by midfielder Ken Leemans who was taking a break from a preparing session at the De Koel Stadium, concurring to Fox Sports.

Seal the deal: WItha bit of offer assistance from his dad, Baerke signs his contract
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