Tried for a sex crime… because I brushed past a film star in rush-hour: Artist, 51, accused of bizarre ‘hit and run’ assault on award-winning actress despite no evidence or witnesses – so why DID it come to trial?

Their ways crossed for absolutely half a second amid the evening surge hour at Waterloo Station.
Mark Pearson, a 51-year-old artist, was on his way home from work, weaving through a thick tide of London commuters.
Walking towards him over the concourse came an award-winning star of film, TV, theater what’s more, radio. She had just been to a yoga class what’s more, was heading to a rehearsal. Not one or the other knew the other. 
What happened next – or, then again Or maybe what didn’t happen – would cast Mr Pearson into what he calls a year-long ‘Kafkaesque nightmare’ from which he has as it were just escaped, what’s more, for which he decisively faults the Crown Indictment Service. 
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It can’t be said with conviction that the craftsman what’s more, the performing artist made indeed temporary physical contact. CCTV pictures appeared as it were that they strolled past each other.
Yet the woman, who is in her 60s, asserted Mr Pearson sexually attacked her – penetratively – for ‘two or, then again three seconds’. 
This was followed, she insisted, by a brutal blow to her cleared out shoulder. Pictures of the minutes some time recently what’s more, after they passed were caught from CCTV what’s more, appeared to a jury amid Mr Pearson’s three-day trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in London last week.
They clearly demonstrated, his legal advisor Check Bagshaw said, that the assertion was not true. How could it be, he asked, given the half-second time frame? Indeed, the pictures appeared his customer strolling at a ordinary pace. He never broke stride.
What’s more, in his cleared out hand – the one which he is gathered to have utilized to ambush the on-screen character – Mr Pearson conveyed a newspaper. His right hand grasped his bag.
Mr Pearson told the court: ‘I would have had to hunker down, put my hand up the woman’s skirt… enter her, take my hand out again… all while holding the daily paper what’s more, strolling along the concourse… It’s preposterous… It is against everything I accept in as a human being. I did nothing.’
There were no witnesses what’s more, no legal evidence. The on-screen character fizzled to pick out Mr Pearson in an personality parade of video images.
Summing up the case, the judge, His Respect Dwindle Clarke QC, told the jury that to convict Mr Pearson they had to be beyond any doubt the strike happened as the on-screen character described. There could be ‘no center ground’.
It came as little amaze to Mr Pearson – despite the fact that he was significantly diminished what’s more, thankful – at the point when the jury of nine ladies what’s more, three men collectively rejected the woman’s story after pondering for little more than 90 minutes.
What he can’t understand, what still bites at him at the point when he wakes up at 4am, his body shaking, is why the case come to court in the to begin with place.
‘One of the numerous startling perspectives is that this could have happened to anyone,’ he told The Mail on Sunday yesterday.
Every day, a few 300,000 individuals stream through Waterloo in Focal London – Britain’s busiest station. ‘I was just one of those workers – in the off-base put at one minute in time,’ he said.
‘For me, half a second turned into a year of hell. I feel I have experienced a shape of mental torment endorsed by the state.’
It goes without saying that the on-screen character will remain anonymous. The law doesn’t bear the same benefit to Mr Pearson, who has experienced psychological treatment for tension assaults brought on by the stress.
But the more prominent part of his outrage is coordinated at the CPS, which, having evaluated the evidence, chosen to charge him with ‘sexual strike by penetration’. He said: ‘It is just bizarre. Why couldn’t the CPS have utilized normal sense?’
Over the past year what’s more, more, the CPS has been over and again stung by feedback of its decision-making in a arrangement of high-profile sex cases.
At the same time, it has looked for to bargain with concerns that numerous ladies are put off detailing assault what’s more, sexual attack since they need confidence in the equity system.
Mr Pearson ponders regardless of whether he is ‘a casualty of the way the CPS is thoroughly attempting to change the balance’. One of his supporters, creator Erin Pizzey, the family mind lobbyist who established the world’s to begin with protect for casualties of household violence, absolutely accepts so.
‘The CPS have as of late been wrongly focusing on men what’s more, it has got to stop,’ she said. ‘The CPS had no business going after him [Mr Pearson] since there wasn’t a case there from the extremely beginning. At the moment, ladies appear above the law. They can do it in household brutality cases – just pick up the phone, no confirm required, what’s more, have a man evacuated from his family what’s more, his youngsters – what’s more, they can do it with rape, too.’
The CPS said: ‘There was adequate confirm for this case to continue to court what’s more, advance to trial. We regard the choice of the jury.’
Mr Pearson’s experience started on February 5 last year, two months after the ‘incident’, at the point when he was captured at his East London home. Police followed him through information recovered from his Clam travel card.
He was ‘dumbfounded’ be that as it may promptly co-operated with police, disregarding guidance from the obligation specialist to say nothing. He was cheerful to reply their questions what’s more, clear up ‘this self-evident mistake’. He said: ‘I was persuaded great sense would prevail.’
He told police that he recollected nothing of that evening on December 3, 2014. The craftsman was returning home through Waterloo as ordinary from his work as a picture framer. Four months later, his specialist rang his versatile to say he was going to be charged. ‘I was on a Tube prepare what’s more, I stunned off in a daze,’ he recalled. ‘It felt totally bizarre.’
As the months dragged by this feeling gave way to terror.
‘It is unpleasant what’s more, startling to examine going to jail for a wrongdoing you haven’t committed. Especially a sex crime. We have all heard about how sex guilty parties are treated in prison.’
His partner, Song Ho, 41, whom he met at the Illustrious School of Art, said: ‘It was a extremely unpleasant time for Mark. None of us accepted for a second that he was skilled of doing what this lady said. It was all crazy.’
The actress’s meet with police was appeared to the court at the begin of his trial. The minute she was attacked, she says, came, she said, after he ‘clocked’ her what’s more, smiled, what’s more, signaled with his daily paper for her to pass by. ‘The next thing I know, his hand is up me…. what’s more, at that point I felt this huge blow on my cleared out shoulder.’ The court heard she was wearing a coat what’s more, coat what’s more, a thin dress over ‘training pants’.
She said: ‘I stunned what’s more, yelled… what’s more, individuals just halted all around me, what’s more, I was looking back after him.’ At that point she said he ‘shot off… legging it towards the ticket barriers’ – in spite of the fact that the CCTV pictures appeared to the court illustrated this was not the case. 
It was as it were midway through her meet with police that she depicted in detail the way in which she claims she was sexually assaulted. In his summing up, the judge said she had appeared ‘coy’ about this perspective of her account, that she had appeared to abide more on the charged blow to her shoulder.
Instead of constant film, the station’s cameras record one picture per second. Legal researcher Jacob Blythe, who thought about the pictures with the woman’s statement, told the court that Mr Pearson passed the on-screen character for ‘half a second’.
In a report arranged for the protection that was not appeared to the jury, he said the CCTV film did not appear Mr Pearson touching his informer ‘in any manner’. He added: ‘I consider the symbolism unsupportive of her assert that “his hand was up me”.’
Mr Pearson told The Mail on Sunday of as of late observing a Television program about the Witchfinder General, who tormented admissions out of suspected witches amid the English Common War. He said: ‘The storyteller said, “Imagine living in an Britain where you could be hanged on the prattle of a neighbour.”
‘Sadly, I can envision this all as well easily.’

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