Now Brussels threatens to slap car insurance on your lawnmower: Move could cost gardeners at least 100 a year

There are maybe a couple things Britons take more prominent pride in than a well-trimmed swathe of glistening lawn.
But minding for your prized turf could be about to move toward becoming much more costly – much appreciated to a administering from (you speculated it) Europe.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has been cautioned that Brussels may before long require anybody utilizing a ride-on cutter to take out engine protection – indeed in the event that they never take it close a road.
Insurance specialists have anticipated the move would cost nursery workers at minimum £100 a year in additional premiums – what’s more, possibly much more.
Sources close to Mr McLoughlin said he was decided to battle off any such ‘bureaucratic meddling’.
Under current rules, nursery workers utilizing ride-on cutters on their property – what’s more, not on the parkway – are regularly guaranteed for any mishaps through their home protection policies. 
But Office for Transport authorities are stressed that a administering due next month at the European Court of Equity in Luxembourg could change all that.
Bizarrely, the case has nothing to do with England yet rotates around a Slovenian man who was harmed in a cultivate mischance at the point when he was thumped off a step by a trailer joined to a tractor.
Tim Price, country undertakings representative for protection firm NFU Mutual, said evolving the rules would mean more cost for homeowners. He added: ‘It would be likely to cost at minimum £100 additional a year to take out a independent engine policy, what’s more, that would be for a little trimmer at that.’
Last night, a source close to Mr McLoughlin made it clear he would battle any new Brussels administering on the issue.
The source said: ‘This is precisely the sort of bureaucratic EU interfering that drives individuals mad. We’re decided to battle it off. It just isn’t important what’s more, could hit Brits in their pockets.’

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