Dancing for his supper! Watch savvy seagull tap his feet on demand to be rewarded with a tasty snack by two chuckling builders

There is positively nothing bird-brained about this seagull.
The clever fowl was spotted tapping his feet at the point when a combine of manufacturers requested him to move – what’s more, was remunerated with a piece of food.
Filmed in Wales, interesting film of the scene appears the men sitting in a van giggling as they empower the bird’s antics.
As despite the fact that running on the spot the seagull taps both his feet over and again some time recently the driver tosses him a goody which he quickly eats down.
Another seagull swoops down on taking note the sustenance giveaway yet the to begin with fledgling is snappy to check its region what’s more, runs towards it, sending it scarpering.
‘Dance!’ the red-shirted driver yells at the point when the seagull is once once more alone.
And, right on cue, it performs its odd little move some time recently looking up eagerly at the men who toss him a top notch piece however again.
A third time the Welsh manufacturer shouts, ‘Dance’ what’s more, once more the winged creature complies enthusiastically jumping up for the snack.
‘That’s it,’ the man conciliatory sentiments as his supply of nourishment runs out what’s more, the video ends. 
Bricklayer Tomos Boyle posted the amusing cut to YouTube where it has pulled in numerous viewers.
‘What an charming bird! So sweet. Thank you for lighting up my day,’ one on the web reporter said.

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