This alarming mug shot is of Lee Hazen Williamson, a California man with a passion for wearing dresses, and very little else.

This disturbing mug shot is of Lee Hazen Williamson, a California man with a enthusiasm for wearing dresses, what’s more, extremely little else.
But as in the event that the turquoise botanical number weren’t enough of an eye sore, Williamson has been appearing off what lies underneath as well.
The 57-year-old was charged with disgusting introduction last week after lifting up his summery dress what’s more, uncovering his privates to unfortunate onlookers.
Lee Hazen Williamson, 57, has a inclination for going commando while wearing sundresses
It is not the to start with time Williamson has illustrated his propensity for open nudity.
Not so new faced: At the point when Williamson was to begin with captured for bearing his privates he had a new edit of facial hair
The Austria-born mind provider wore his sundress for his starting show last May.
He boarded a California transport what’s more, uncovered himself to stunned individual riders.
On that occassion he was wearing a wig, too

In his mugshot from that to begin with episode Williamson has a new edit of turning gray facial hair, which would likely have given away his true gender, wig or, then again no wig.
He was neatly shaven in expectation of his most recent escapade, yet still looks Or maybe manly with his wide shoulders what’s more, thinning up top head.
Certainly his 6-foot tallness what’s more, 238lbs weight won’t have made a difference much with his disguise.

The dress appears Or maybe a tight fit, too, the ties stressing over his to some degree sunburned chest.
It shows up that while he was dressed effectively for the climate he has been skipping out on applying enough sunblock.

Williamson’s criminal history incorporates an capture last month over falling flat to enroll as a sex enlist following his transport stunt.
He confronted charges in court last Wednesday, the day some time recently the most recent dress-lifting.
When cops captured Williamson on Thursday he was booked into at the Lake Region jail, where he is being held in lieu of $50,000.
He is charged with both offense what’s more, lawful offense profane introduction charges, the last mentioned check stems from his earlier conviction.

The 57-year-old is building up very the accumulation of mugshots, counting from at the point when he was charged in June with parole infringement (left) what’s more, once more in Eminent (right)

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