The moment woman ‘promises to God’ that planted $100 bill is hers – and is left speechless when she discovers the whole thing is a prank

This is the minute a lady ‘promises to God’ that a $100 charge is hers after pranksters plant it by her feet.
Secret video film appears the feisty inquirer sitting inside a office store some time recently a swindler picks up the situated dollar note from the floor.
She at that point puts on a persuading act as she states the cash must have fallen from her purse.
‘I wouldn’t lie. I just put it in my purse. I guarantee to God,’ the lady says in an American highlight as she’s inquired in the event that the charge is hers. 
She is told to double-check her pack to see in the event that the money is still there.
After a brief scavenge around, she finishes up that the cash is for sure hers. 
‘It’s not. It was right here with my phone, I guarantee to God baby. 
‘I was sitting right here, it is my $100,’ the woman chimes.

After more than 20 seconds of arguing, the prankster – whose confront is not seen – breaks the news that the entirety thing is a joke.
The casualty of the stunt all of a sudden battles for words as she spots the camera running.
The joker is at that point seen running off with a female accomplice. Both show up in fits of giggles,
It is not known who the subjects in the video are or, on the other hand where it was filmed.  

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