Heartstopping CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment racist thug pushed policewoman onto train tracks in drunken rampage through station

This is the minute that a supremacist hooligan pushed a policewoman onto prepare tracks in a inebriated frenzy through a station.
Construction laborer Kevin Pythian, 32, pushed the slightly-built lady officer onto the railroad line as she fearlessly attempted to control him in Oxford Street Station, Manchester.
Moments some time recently he had denounced a ticket controller of being a part of Al-Qaeda what’s more, dashed over the live tracks to get to the inverse platform. 

Pythian was imprisoned for two-and-a-half a long time at Minshull Road Crown Court after conceding a string of offences. 
The court heard Pythian had been drinking in Manchester city focus when he strolled into the station at around 8.55pm on February 17.
Northern Rail laborer Narinder Singh inquired to see his ticket he replied, ‘I’ve got a ticket, I need to see your ID’.
When Mr Singh appeared him his badge, Pythian said: ‘I know you’re Indian. I need to see your ID. As far as I know you could be Al-Qaeda.’
After being talked to by chief Sean Lynch, Pythian stunned to Stage 4 yet at that point ran over the track onto Stage 3 – causing an approaching prepare to break sharply.
He was at that point pursued by the 36-year-old PC some time recently a fight which come about in her being tossed from the stage on to the track. 
The constable was thumped out what’s more, endured a cut to the head, a broken finger what’s more, cuts what’s more, bruises. She remains off obligation with her injuries.
Pythian went on to punch Mr Lynch what’s more, debilitate to chomp his ear off some time recently running along tracks towards Deansgate.
Trains had to be ended for 11 minutes since of the incident.
Pythian had as it were as of late been liberated from prison, after being imprisoned for 10 a long time for an equipped burglary at a north Ridges market in 2009.
Describing the assault on the slightly-built PC, prosecutor Barrie Darby said: ‘He appeared to have quieted down what’s more, wiped his confront yet at that point he raised his hands what’s more, pushed her in the confront with such compel she went off the platform.’
For the defence, Graham Robinson said: ‘Having surveyed the CCTV what’s more, time to reflect, he is completely sorry for what he has done what’s more, completely embarrassed of his behaviour.
Pythian, from Runcorn, Cheshire, argued blameworthy to two checks of assault, imperiling rail security what’s more, racial harassment.
Judge Geoffrey Lowe said: ‘You could have halted after each of these episodes. In the event that you had things wouldn’t be almost as awful as they are for you now.’

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