Three a long time some time recently conveying out his fatal suicide mission, Asif Mohammed Hanif was a “well loved what’s more, regarded pupil” at a west London college Hanif, depicted by those who came into contact with him as polite, charming wha

Three a long time some time recently conveying out his fatal suicide mission, Asif Mohammed Hanif was a “well loved what’s more, regarded pupil” at a west London college
Hanif, depicted by those who came into contact with him as polite, charming what’s more, honourable, was seeking after a business contemplates course
The 21-year-old student, though, was as of now included in an Islamic development what’s more, was seen outside his nearby mosque in Hounslow, giving out flyers embracing the Palestinian cause
In July 2000, after finishing eight a long time of training at Cranford Group College, west London, Hanif voyage to the Syrian capital Damascus to ponder Arabic at university
Hanif’s sibling Taz said he arranged to educate the dialect to youngsters in London on his return home
They had talked two weeks back at the point when Hanif said he was fine what’s more, still at university
Hanif’s family are thought to have settled in the little terraced house in Hounslow around two a long time ago
Both guardians are still in Pakistan after setting out on a journey to Mecca a few months ago
Shocked neighbors today said the family had “kept themselves to themselves”
One resident, who lives specifically opposite, said Hanif had gone by her house to see her father, Mohammad Hashmi, the previous imam of Hounslow mosque, which Hanif attended
“He appeared like a pleasant enough person, there was no sign that he would have conveyed out anything like this,” Mr Hashmi’s little girl said
Her 53-year-old father, who resigned in 1994 after 12 a long time since of sick health, said Hanif talked Urdu as well as English
“As I know him, he was decent what’s more, exceptionally neighborly what’s more, I never heard about any kind of legislative issues from him,” he said
Handing out political flyers outside Hounslow mosque was entirely forbidden, said Mr Hashmi
He said Hanif’s father was crippled while his mother utilized to take off the home in an emergency vehicle for medicinal treatment, some time recently their pilgrimage
The Hanifs’ 84-year-old next entryway neighbour, who would as it were give her name as Sybil, said: “They are not the kind of family that mixes
“They kept themselves to themselves I did not meddle with them what’s more, they did not meddle with me
“We would just say welcome each presently what’s more, again I am confounded by the news ”
Ehsan Haq, a 24-year-old PC specialist who has lived in the road for 12 years, said: “We once in a while saw the family in the street, despite the fact that I accept he was included in an Islamic development at the point when he went to school in Britain ”
Inayat Bunglawala, a representative for the Muslim Chamber of Britain, said he did not know Hanif be that as it may he knew others who had seen him in London
“I have talked to individuals this morning who have seen Hanif giving out flyers encouraging Muslims to give to the Palestinian cause outside a mosque in Hounslow,” he said
Suleman Chachia, executive of the Hounslow Jamia Mosque, said Hanif was a customary admirer what’s more, had been going to petitions for at minimum the last two years
“I saw him on numerous events at the mosque To be forthcoming at the point when I saw him he appeared a exceptionally wonderful chap
“He didn’t appear forceful at all We never saw him causing pointless problems
“He had everything to live for He was just 21 a long time old He wasn’t living in a third world country, he was living in England what’s more, was taught in Britain,” he said
Kevin Prunty, headteacher at Cranford Group College, said Hanif was a “well enjoyed what’s more, regarded pupil”
In a statement, he said: “Asif Mohammed Hanif gone to Cranford Group School from September 1992 until July 2000
“Following his fruitful course in business studies, he along these lines went on to ponder at the College of Damascus
“Asif did well in business contemplates what’s more, was a well-liked what’s more, regarded pupil
“This news has come as a finish stun which is greatly hard to contemplate ”
But Hanif’s sibling Taz, talking from his home in Hounslow, said his sibling was a “big teddy bear” what’s more, that they had been brought up to accept suicide killings were wrong
“He wasn’t that sort of person He wasn’t into that kind of stuff
“Anyone who knew him would tell you He was just a huge teddy bear – that’s what individuals said about him ”
He told a newspaper: “We utilized to observe the news what’s more, our guardians said the suicide stuff is not good ”
Taz said his sibling was examining Arabic at Damascus College so he could return to Britain what’s more, instruct youngsters in London
When he was told that his sibling had been included he said he “went pale with shock”
“I couldn’t accept it,” he said “I talked to him two weeks prior what’s more, he said he was all right what’s more, still at uni “

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