Batter up and breaking it down: Tee ball player pulls some amazing dance moves after finally getting on base

To begin with base can be a hard put to get to at the point when you to start with begin playing ball.
And so Coop Buell, a little child from Oklahoma City, made the most of his time there amid a later amusement of tee ball for the Moore Aftermath Boys.
The four-year-old could not contain his energy at hitting the ball what’s more, making base, what’s more, so he busted out a few executioner move moves.
In fact, so energized where Coop’s move moves, they as a matter of fact constrained off his helmet, which fell to the dirt.
The boy’s cousin posted video of the boy’s epic move moves on Twitter, which has gotten more than 17,000 retweets, KOCO reported.
The youthful boy’s mother, Nikki Buell, has since posted a remix of the video to YouTube.
The remix puts the move to the tune Turn Down for What, by DJ Wind what’s more, Lil John.

The tweet of Coop moving on the base has been loved more than 20,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday.
The diversion is said to have taken put on the weekend.
Coop lives with his mom, father what’s more, more established sibling in Moore, just south of Oklahoma City. 

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