First she attended her court hearing high on marijuana and for her next wore a ‘trampy’ outfit.

To begin with she gone to her court hearing high on weed what’s more, for her next wore a ‘trampy’ outfit.
So there was no telling what state young ambush suspect Chazmia Morrison was going to turn up for her third court hearing in.
But the 17-year-old overseen to clean up her act what’s more, amaze the Brooklyn Incomparable Court judge who gave her a dressing down for her clothing at her last appearance.
Extreme makeover: Chazmia Morrison was decried for her trampy clothing in her last court appearance what’s more, told to clean up her act, which she did, right
She supplanted her tore jeans, tight top what’s more, noticeable bra lashes with dark trousers, a creased white shirt what’s more, a dark zip-up sweater.

Justice Patricia diMango told Morrison yesterday: ‘You look very the lady.’
To which Morrison replied: ‘Thank you. I thought about it what’s more, learned my lesson.’

The youngster was charged with strike for partaking in an April 1 assault on a young lady to avoid her from singing in a Glee-style ability appear at their school.
Shacara McLaurin was hit in the confront with a lock wrapped in a sock by a gathering of young ladies at Brooklyn Foundation High School.

New York: Brooklyn Incomparable State Court where Chazmia Morrison has had to show up some time recently Equity DiMango who was beforehand decried her for her clothes
She had beforehand endeavored to argue liable in trade for five years’ probation what’s more, youthful-offender status, which would clear her record in the event that she keeps her nose clean. 
But Equity DiMango marked her a ‘brat’ at her to begin with hearing at the point when she conceded she had smoked pot some time recently coming to court.
As well as showing her need of regard through her garments at the second, she too declined to concede her part in the assault.
Her meager top uncovered her bra ties what’s more, hearts what’s more, stars tattoos on her shoulders.

Justice DiMango inquired her: ‘Are you going to a club or, on the other hand something?

‘You’re appearing me your tattoos, your bra straps. That’s how you’re going to inspire me?’

Mrs DiMango, 58, has a notoriety for being a extreme judge what’s more, for dressing smartly.

Today she permitted the humble Morrison to argue blameworthy to endeavored lawful offense ambush what’s more, requested that she take part in a drug-treatment program what’s more, get a summer job, telling her: ‘I need you dressing suitably at the point when you go to your job.’

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