Village elders who sentenced two sisters to be raped face arrest after 100,000 sign petition against them

Town older folks who condemned two sisters to be assaulted are confronting capture as a appeal calling for a criminal case to be opened against them neared 100,000 marks last night.
A board of men in India ruled the sisters – one of whom is as it were 15 – would be assaulted as discipline after their sibling begun a relationship with a hitched lady from a higher social caste. 
The discipline was requested in the devastated cultivating town of Sankrot in Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh, around 30 miles north of New Delhi. It is home to 200 people.
India’s Incomparable Court has ruled that these town committees – known as panchayats – are illicit yet they proceed to work over India.
On 30 July, an unelected all-male town board known as a ‘panchayat’ requested that they be assaulted what’s more, paraded stripped as discipline for the activities of their brother, concurring to Absolution International.
The family home was stripped without further ado after they fled the town for wellbeing in May.
Another one of the girls’ siblings said individuals of the ‘Jat’ standing are capable individuals of the town chamber what’s more, their choice is ‘final’.
They are too stressed about the security of the Jat woman, who is presently thought to be pregnant with the brother’s child.

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