Transgender reporter Zoey Tur accused of battery after she puts her arm around fellow reporter and threatens to ‘send him home in an ambulance’ during Caitlyn Jenner debate

Transgender journalist Zoey Tur has been denounced of battery after getting included in a warmed face off regarding on Friday.
Tur was part of a board on Dr. Drew which was talking about regardless of whether or, then again not Caitlyn Jenner merited to be regarded with the Arthur Ashe Grant for Mettle a maybe a couple days earlier at the ESPY Awards, what’s more, things got tense at the point when journalist Ben Shapiro alluded to Tur as ‘sir.’
That is at the point when Tur put her arm around Shapiro what’s more, placidly said; ‘You cut that out now, or, on the other hand you’ll go home in an ambulance.’ 
On Sunday, Shapiro went what’s more, documented a police report in Los Angeles blaming Tur of battery, guaranteeing that she had too debilitated to meet him in the stopping part what’s more, ‘curb stomp’ him.
‘For the record, this individual too said he would see me in the stopping lot. CNN security went with me to the car,’ Shapiro composed on Friday.
Tur has denied both of these claims what’s more, said she cleared out long some time recently Shapiro, who is the editor-at-large for Breitbart News. 
The combine have too taken their battle to Twitter, as both retweet their claim supporters. 
At one point Tur told a supporter that ‘being called sir what’s more, rationally sick is violence,’ to which Shapiro responded; ‘No, actually, getting individuals by the neck what’s more, undermining to send them to the healing facility is violence.’
Everyone on the board sided with Tur at the time – indeed those that concurred with Shapiro that Jenner did not merit to be perceived at the ESPY Grants – saying it was off-base of him to say something so deliberately destructive what’s more, scornful to a transgender woman.
Shapiro afterward went on to guarantee Tur was anti-Semitic for undermining to purportedly ‘curb stomp’ him after the program. 
Tur reacted to this guarantee be saying in an email to Salon; ‘I didn’t know what check stamp [sic ] implied until Saturday. Oh, what’s more, I’m Jewish. Indeed spared an IDF officer amid a Katyusha rocket assault (Israel’s war with Hamas/Lebanon).
‘Shapiro what’s more, his cloth made that anti-Semitic stuff up. How can a Jewish lady that performed a tracheotomy on an IDF trooper amid war be a neo-Nazi?’
Tur too composed on Saturday; ‘Why are moderate Christians & @BenShapiro so fixated with my genitals? What would Freud say? WWJS?’
Police have however to decide on the off chance that Tur will be charged with battery. 

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