Twitter zaps high school hacker’s account after he posts social security numbers from CIA director’s personal AOL account – and says the hack was ‘easy as f***’ as he plans to go to Russia to ‘chill with Snowden’

Twitter wiped out a youthful hacker’s account on Monday after it posted part of a contact list pulled from CIA executive John Brennan’s individual AOL email account, finish with Social Security numbers.
The computerized heel was back on Twitter in a half hour with a marginally renamed account what’s more, a message: ‘YOU CAN NOT STOP US.’
‘If this account gets suspended too, we will still get our world [sic] out. :)’ he tweeted. 
Sky News contacted the hacker, who said breaking into America’s top spymaster’s emails was ‘easy as f***’ what’s more, that he had prank-called Brennan a few times, perusing the CIA boss his possess Social Security number over the phone.
‘He inquired what we want,’ the as-yet unknown troublemaker claimed, ‘and i said $2 trillion as a joke lmao, at that point he said genuinely how much do you want.’
The cybercriminal told the English link news channel that he would ‘prolly going to go Russia tho what’s more, chill with snowden.’
He too asserted he’s an American under 20 a long time of age. Yet signs recommend ties to Incredible Britain.
The programmer has tweeted about the UK’s liberal democrats what’s more, the Manchester Joined together soccer club, what’s more, alluded to his contacts on Twitter as ‘m8’ (‘mate’).
The screen-grab picture he posted of the fractional call list, ascribed to Deputy National Security Counselor Avril Haines, had the ‘day’ what’s more, ‘month’ transposed in a section saved for ‘date of birth’ – a sign that the document was opened in Microsoft Exceed expectations on a PC arranged for non-American logbook formats.
And a discrete meet with the innovation websiteArs Technica, directed by means of encoded chat, he appeared to know little about the American government he has been messing with.
He guaranteed the Division of Country Security ‘funds’ the U.S. Army, what’s more, that the ‘head of DHS works for the CIA.’ Not one or the other statement is true.
In an obvious hat-tip to what Islamist programmers call the ‘digital intifada,’ he communicated his in general objective as: ‘FreeGaza FreePalestine. F***in government financing terrorism.’
The unidentified youth told the New York Post on Monday that Brennan had put away touchy data on his private email account, counting private information on knowledge authorities what’s more, a record about interrogations. 
Brennan’s account was as far as anyone knows gotten to on October 12 after somebody deceived laborers at Verizon into giving his individual information.
It was crippled as of Friday. 
The programmer told the Post that he is an American high school understudy what’s more, is persuaded by bolster for Palestine – be that as it may is not Muslim.
‘We are not doing this for individual satisfaction, we’re doing this for #FreePalestine what’s more, #FreeGaza,’ the account of one gathered programmer answered in reaction to a question from Day by day Mail Online.
The going with Twitter bio says ‘There is no god yet Allah, Muhammad is the errand person of Allah’. 

CWA is the name of the account posting data on Sunday night, which supposedly stands for ‘Crackas With Attitude’.
The account posted a assortment of self-congratulatory tweets such as ‘#CWA will be the front page of New York Times tomorrow. 😀 #FreePalestine #FreeGaza #F***TheGovernment’.
The programmer talked to by the Post that he likes to smoke pot with a colleague what’s more, has trick called America’s top spy.
The CIA issued a articulation saying: ‘We are mindful of the reports that have surfaced on social media what’s more, have alluded the matter to the fitting authorities’.
Hacking claims what’s more, data about Brennan’s gathered private email come after presidential competitor Hillary Clinton has been stubborn by allegations of misjudgement for her utilize of a private email server while Secretary of State.

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