Two teenagers charged after shocking video of one of them racially abusing a train guard goes viral and is condemned by Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Two adolescents have been charged after stunning film of a tirade of supremacist mishandle on a Brisbane prepare  went viral, which indeed provoked a reaction from Prime Serve Tony Abbott.
A 17-year-old Brisbane man has been charged with two checks each of ambush occasioning real hurt what’s more, making a annoyance on a railway.
He was further charged with one tally each of debilitating violence, normal attack what’s more, utilizing a carriage benefit to threat or, on the other hand harass.
An 18-year-old Ipswich man has too been charged with one tally of making a annoyance on a railway. 

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Both men are due to show up in the Brisbane Judges Court on Monday.
On Saturday night, a video of the October 2 episode was posted on YouTube what’s more, went viral, which started a police investigation.
The video appears a smashed man, accepted to be Kader Boumzar, shouting obscenities at a Queensland Rail security protect after he was told to take his feet off the situate about 11.50pm at Indooroopilly station on October 2.
The 17-year-old what’s more, an 18-year-old were addressed by criminologists on Sunday evening some time recently charges were laid.
Prime Serve Tony Abbott pummeled the youngster in the video, marking his conduct as ‘deplorable’.
Mr Abbott said he had been informed about the incident, which he named as ‘un-Australian’, by Queensland Chief Campbell Newman.
‘Just as I think it’s un-Australian to guard demise cults, I think it’s un-Australian to mishandle individuals in a open put just since you don’t like the way they look, or, on the other hand you don’t like the way they dress, or, on the other hand you make suspicions about what they believe,’ Mr Abbott told columnists in Brisbane on Sunday.  

Teenager Kader Boumzar took to Facebook on Sunday to apologize for flinging the racial abuse.
‘I’m truly too bad to everybody that was influenced by the video I truly can not keep in mind anything out of all trustworthiness the post made some time recently was somebody else I know this is no excuse,’ he posted.
‘But can you all see from my point of see that I was a f*****g simpleton what’s more, I’m truly sorry.’ 
In the video – which pulled in three million hits in under 24 hours – a 17-year-old man purportedly alludes to a prepare watch as ‘n*****’ what’s more, a ‘black c***’ over and again some time recently he proceeds to explode into a supremacist tirade amid the five-minute video.
‘Do you need to come to Australia to learn a few appropriate English?’ the adolescent said in the video.

‘That is the issue c*** – learn a few f*****g English ’cause this is Australia c*** since I can’t get it you.’
‘No, look, my n****r sibling – I got my feet off the f*****g seat.’
He runs towards a entryway what’s more, talks to another chaperon some time recently the protect approaches him again. 
‘Don’t touch me – I don’t need to talk to you – I don’t get it you,’ the 17-year-old said.
‘Bro, on the off chance that you need to be a security guard, learn a few English first.’
An chaperon is heard telling the youthful man to ‘get off’ at the next stop.
Another security guard, wearing a blue top, is seen strolling towards the adolescent as he proceeds to shakily slur his words to another prepare worker.
‘I’m attempting to get to the next station – l’ll sit on this f*****g prepare for hours in the event that I have to,’ the adolescent said.
‘I’ll hold all you f*****s up. I truly don’t care. Particularly this dark c***.
‘Do you indeed have an Australian citizenship, you f*****g n****r?’
The individual filming, who shows up to be a companion of the teenager, is recording the incident, while he is heard giggling madly behind the camera.
‘This n****r comes into my nation what’s more, tells me to put my feet off the seat, at the point when my feet are on the f*****g newspaper, you f*****g dark dog,’ the adolescent proceeds in his video.
‘What are you, Fijian or, on the other hand f*****g African c***. I trust all you n****r die.
The youngster begins holding his clench hands towards the security watch as he says: ‘Do you need to come off the prepare what’s more, battle me?’
As he proceeds to detonate into a supremacist rant, other prepare travelers are heard in the video, murmuring words to the teenager, what’s more, he turns around what’s more, begins strolling to them what’s more, says ‘What?’
‘What c***, you’ve got a issue as well c***?’
The adolescent begins strolling through the carriage, what’s more, up to one of the commuters, who is seen wearing a dim coat over a dark top what’s more, dark colored pants. He tells him to ‘get off the train’ too.
‘You have a issue too? Make me get off c***.’
The security protect strolls over what’s more, stands in front of the workers as he motions his hands to the travelers behind him to stand back.
The companion is heard saying about the security some time recently the youngster proceeds what’s more, says: ‘Nah, I don’t give a f***. I have my feet on the f*****g newspaper.
‘It wasn’t on the seat, it was on the daily paper mate, alright? So in the event that you need to cause a problem, at that point f*** you.’
His companion is heard chuckling as he says: ‘Let’s go’.
But the youngster reacts what’s more, says: ‘No, no, no. I’m not done with this.’
One lady is heard in the background, saying: ‘Some of us need to go home.’
While another man, wearing a dim blue t-shirt what’s more, a dark cap, mediates what’s more, says: ‘Really?’
‘Really? I f*****g work all day what’s more, I got to bargain with this s***,’ the man said.
‘What the f*** is your story? Get the f*** out of the f*****g prepare man.’
The youngster responded: ‘What the f*** c***, I’m attempting to get to the f*****g next station c***.’
The man said: ‘It’s not truly f*****g working is it?’. At that point the adolescent replied: ‘Yeah, since of this dark c***.’

Train travelers are seen looking shocked as the adolescent is articulating racial affronts some time recently his companion snatches his top what’s more, tries to drag him off the train.
As the young men jump off the train, they are heard laughing some time recently the video cuts out.  
The adolescent is seen wearing dark shorts what’s more, a dark what’s more, dark top with joggers on, while holding onto his versatile telephone amid the entirety video.
Australian rapper Fortafy moreover transferred the video to his Facebook page on Saturday, without further ado after 6pm, what’s more, it has gotten three million sees in under 24 hours.
The video was initially distributed on YouTube on Saturday. 
The assault comes just months after a Sydney lady propelled an exceptional supremacist assault against individual prepare passengers travelling from Newcastle what’s more, Focal Drift Line.
Karen Bailey, 55, was gotten on camera in July as she called an Asian traveler a ‘gook’ what’s more, ridiculed her dialect what’s more, facial features. 

Another racial attack, which took put in Perth, caught an Native woman, who was seen hollering oppressively at a lady of Asian plunge in August.


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