Two men what’s more, two ladies have been confined by police after a shooter strolled into a police station what’s more, impacted a constable with a shotgun

Two men what’s more, two ladies have been confined by police after a shooter strolled into a police station what’s more, impacted a constable with a shotgun
It is caught on that four individuals were taken from an address in Balintore Road in Glasgow after officers encompassed the building prior today
The police action came a few hours after a shooter strolled into Shettleston police station what’s more, shot a constable who was keeping an eye on the open counter
Pc John Cunningham, 53, was today in a genuine yet stable condition after taking the impact in his right side
The shooting happened without further ado some time recently 11 45pm last night
After terminating at the constable, the shooter – who was dressed in a disguise coat what’s more, potentially wearing a wig – put the weapon on the counter what’s more, strolled out of the station
As police officers arrived in the zone to chase for the man, outfitted groups encompassed a level in Balintore Street, around 500 yards from the station
Three police autos what’s more, three police vans could be seen in the lanes around the property
At about 8 40am, adjacent Pettigrew Road was shut off in both headings as more police officers moved in
The shooter was last seen strolling out of the station what’s more, heading towards Pettigrew Street, a police representative said
Pc Cunningham, a father-of-two, was treated at the scene by associates until an emergency vehicle arrived what’s more, took him to Glasgow Illustrious Infirmary
A representative for Strathclyde Police said his condition remained “serious be that as it may stable”
Extra officers had been drafted in from the area’s Genuine Wrongdoing Squad
Forensic tests

Meanwhile, legal tests were being conveyed out on the shotgun the shooter had cleared out on the counter
A representative said police were looking at film from chamber cameras in the road outside
Police were still uncertain of the rationale behind the attack
Pc Cunningham, who is hitched with two daughters, has served with the police for 31 years
Residents talked of their shock
Martha Carroll, 62, who lives in a level next entryway to the station, said: “It must have been just some time recently midnight, I heard a uproarious bang
“I thought there had possibly been a auto mishap so I bounced up what’s more, looked out of the window
“I saw a youthful police officer run out into the center of the street what’s more, stop the cars
“I think it’s totally appalling ”
The shooter was portrayed as white, matured 20-25, slim, what’s more, 5ft 8-10ins tall
He has extremely thick, dull hair in a weave with a center parting, which might have been colored or, then again a wig He had a little mouth, dull eyes what’s more, a round nose
He was wearing a green disguise jacket, a dim dark shirt what’s more, a dim shaded cardigan
Anyone with data was inquired to call London Street police office on 0141 532 4600 or, on the other hand Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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