Two others hit the Kerawalapitiya oil capacity site, 15 km north of the city

Two others hit the Kerawalapitiya oil capacity site, 15 km north of the city
No harm was done at Kolonnawa yet the Kerawalapitiya office endured slight damage, the representative said
A Tamil Tiger representative said two of their air ship conveyed out the raids, hitting both targets some time recently returning securely to base
Residents said control to the city had been cut
Sri Lanka’s military went on alarm at the point when radar recognized suspect aircraft
“I can hear gunfire I can see flashes going up into the sky above the city,” a Reuters witness said Occupants said they had heard two explosions
Some inhabitants said they saw gunfire being coordinated at a plane flying overhead
A Reuters reporter at Colombo global air terminal said travelers had been told to get off their flights be that as it may were afterward told to re-embark
The security caution happened after a comparative one late on Thursday at the point when Sri Lankan experts incidentally shut the worldwide air terminal after reports suspicious planes were seen flying south along the coast
That air attack panic happened two days after the Tamil Tiger rebels’ recently revealed air wing arranged its second assault ever, dropping bombs on a military position in the north what’s more, murdering six people
The rebels’ to begin with air strike was on the air compel base next to Colombo airport, what’s more, it took the military by surprise
Analysts accept the Tamil Tigers’ air compel comprises of just two to five light propeller planes gathered from pieces carried in over time
The Freedom Tigers of Tamil Eelam, as the rebels are authoritatively known, need to make an autonomous state in the north what’s more, east of the island for ethnic minority Tamils
Since 1983, the war in Sri Lanka has guaranteed a few 68,000 lives, counting more than 4,000 since late 2005 The strengthened viciousness of the past 16 months has cleared out a 2002 ceasefire in tatters

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