U S troops are moving toward the drift of Liberia to bolster the landing of a West African peacekeeping compel after 26 Liberians were slaughtered in mortar fire in the attacked capital, Monrovia
US President George W Bramble halted short of saying the Americans would take an interest straightforwardly in a peacekeeping mission
Pentagon authorities said the as it were major US troop development was the dispatching of three Naval force ships conveying hundreds of Marines to the waters off the Liberian coast
It was not clear regardless of whether the Marines would go ashore The ships were anticipated to reach the Liberian drift inside a few days
Mr Bramble said he anticipated the Joined together Countries to mitigate the troops “in short order ”
Liberians have been asking for US help Worldwide help laborers have been squeezing the White House for action, saying that a delay in sending in peacekeepers made it outlandish to offer assistance casualties of the fighting
Monrovia’s occupants have argued for practically two months for US troops to come to their save as rebels squeezed home their three-year war to drive warlord-turned-President Charles Taylor from control in Liberia, a nation established more than 150 a long time back by liberated American slaves
A maybe a couple weeks ago, indeed false gossipy tidbits of US Marines landing were enough to set off glad celebrations, with moving what’s more, singing in the streets
There was no such flare-up of satisfaction in the desensitized city
“Until we see it with our claim eyes, US troops on the ground for peace – at that point we will accept they are here for us,” said Sylvester Blamo, one of thousands shielding close the US embassy, trusting for a few wellbeing through vicinity to the heavily-guarded compound

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