Anne’s agony: Battered, kicked and stabbed, the desperate plight of Britain’s last circus elephant

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Cheltenham Dashing Celebration opened on Tuesday with radiant interims making a difference evening highs to 15C.

The differentiate from South to North over the nation was remarkable. Lee on Solent felt 17.8C, yet a band of rain what’s more, snow over Scotland implied Salsburgh, in North Lanarkshire, overseen as it were 1.9C.

It has been wet in Scotland. Inverbervie in Aberdeenshire had around 2in (50mm) of rain in three days from Sunday to Tuesday. 
Spring daffodils cover the mount around Cliffords Tower in York. The coming week ought to bring charming spring sunshine
Heavy snow falling over Scotland at this time of the year is no surprise. Indeed day temperatures remained underneath solidifying amid early Walk over the North East what’s more, Scotland, with further profound snowfall in mid-month.

In the last investigation it was the coldest Walk for ten a long time in focal England, while for Scotland it was a colder month than any of the winter months.

The coming week ought to bring charming spring daylight what’s more, bounty of dry, calm weather.

The more grounded sun ought to moreover trigger a rise in temperature by day to 15C, be that as it may with a further danger of night frosts.

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