Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, actually it’s a hoodie

Updated: 21:35 BST, 25 October 2010

An all-new Superman will in certainty be Or maybe more commonplace to Earthlings than past incarnations of the exceptional being from the planet Krypton.

He presently has furiously seething eyes, a lean build, straggly hair, low-slung loose pants and, concurring to his makers at DC Comics, ‘realises he doesn’t have a place anyplace what’s more, doesn’t fit in’.

Transforming that most clean-cut what’s more, all-American of superheroes into a moody, misjudged urban youth is the most recent illustration of comic book makers endeavoring to refresh exemplary characters for a new era of readers.

Brooding heartthrob: The all-new Superman looks more Dusk star Robert Pattinson than Christopher Reeve as he is re-imagined by DC Comics
In Superman: Earth One,  the to begin with in a arrangement of comic books putting celebrated DC characters into a more current setting, the character is presently matured 21 what’s more, physically far less forcing than the lantern-jawed, muscle-bound legend made 78 a long time ago.

‘We needed to tell a story that’s hip, attractive what’s more, moody,’ said Dan DiDio, DC Comics’ co-publisher.

The unique Superman was none of  these things.

Raised  by fair Kansasfarmers to have a solid moral compass, he was so squeaky-clean that individual superheroes sneeringly named him the ‘big blue Kid Scout’.
His change ego, mild-mannered columnist Clark Kent, was similarly square.
Squeeky clean: Unique supermen George Reeves, right, what’s more, Christopher Reeve

In the new book, which looks for to draw out his early days as a superhero, Kentis still a Day by day Planet journalist, yet working in an age of  hand-held gadgets what’s more, moment gratification.

‘We needed to appear a more youthful Superman at the early stages of his career, battling with his personality what’s more, his place,’ said Mr DiDio.

Superheroes – generally white, male what’s more, hetero – have been through impressive refreshes over the years, frequently in the soul of assorted variety what’s more, political correctness.

In February, Wonder Funnies changed an issue of a Skipper America comic after Tea Party campaigners grumbled at the point when he what’s more, The Falcon, a dark superhero, were portrayed being basic of the right-wing, anti-tax development at one of its rallies.

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