Sorry mom! Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol admits she didn’t vote

Updated: 21:40 BST, 3 November 2010

Bristol Palin, 20, apologized to her mother as she uncovered she didn’t vote in the midterm election.
Bristol, who is in Los Angeles for ‘Dancing with the Stars’, fizzled to send in her vote.
‘I did not send in my non-attendant tallies to Alaska,’ the single mother conceded to TV appear ‘Inside Edition’ at the point when asked.
Bristol kidded about not sending in her non-attendant ballot, be that as it may she knows the significance of voting. In spite of getting the most reduced scores on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, she is still on the appear much appreciated to gathering of people votes

Sarah Palin will no question be frustrated at the point when she finds out her eldest little girl didn’t vote
‘I’m going to be in trouble,’ she added.
‘Sorry, mom!’
Her mother embraced Joe Mill operator for Senate in Alaska, who was trailing write-in applicant Lisa Murkowski. The race won’t be chosen until November 18, at the point when all the truant tallies have been tallied as about ten percent of Alaskans vote by mail. 

But not Bristol.

No question she will be more capable with her community obligation in 2012 ought to her mother run for President.
Asked in the event that she bolstered a Sarah Palin for President campaign, Bristol replied, ‘Of course I do!
‘I know she is great, what’s more, she is awesome for our country,’ she said.
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