Stand up to bullies, No supporters are urged as Alex Salmond is accused of failing to take a stand against ‘mob’ outside BBC headquarters in Glasgow

Voters who design to say No in Thursday’s submission have been asked not to be scared by freedom ‘bullies’.
As Alex Salmond was denounced of falling flat to take a stand against a ‘mob’ outside BBC base camp in Glasgow on Sunday, Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael told voters: ‘Don’t let the spooks yell you down.’
Up to 1,000 autonomy supporters assembled outside the broadcaster’s building, blaming it of inclination towards the No campaign.
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On Monday, the National Union of Writers cautioned against manhandle of journalists holding the effective to account.
No battle sources charged Truly supporters of terrorizing tactics, counting claims that:
Former Protection Secretary John Reid blamed the Indeed side of utilizing the ‘language of abuse’ towards ladies who talk up for union, what’s more, he asserted that Alex Salmond’s supporters had sorted out ‘street mobs’ to threaten No campaigners.
Harry Potter creator JK Rowling what’s more, unmentionables supervisor Michelle Mone were subjected to manhandle after communicating bolster for the No campaign.
Lord Reid said: ‘The dialect I stress about is the dialect of mishandle towards….women in particular…the adversaries of separatism.’ 
On Monday, Danny Alexander, Boss Secretary to the Treasury, talked at a No battle meeting in Glasgow, disturbed by pro-independence hecklers. 
Activists said they felt threatened by Truly demonstrators assembled outside. 
Pro-union Regard MP George Galloway said hundreds of No supporters had confronted an ‘ordeal’ as they entered, adding: ‘We are not less Scottish than those saying yes.’ A few Indeed campaigners were shot out after endeavoring to break up the meeting.
Mr Carmichael said: ‘My message to those who … dismiss the thought we ought to walk away from the things we have fabricated together as part of the UK is clear: don’t let the spooks yell you down … You’ve got a crowd outside … the BBC home office in Glasgow, attempting to impact their announcing of this referendum. 
‘These are serious, genuine strategies to be received what’s more, really, the individual who could stop it all what’s more, pull the warm out of this is Alex Salmond.’
Speaking at Edinburgh Air terminal yesterday, the To start with Serve supported the demonstrators, saying: ‘You must permit individuals to express a see in a quiet what’s more, upbeat mold – that is part of the equitable perspective of politics.’
But Traditionalist MSP Alex Johnstone said: ‘These walks uncovered the frantic profundities the Indeed battle is willing to stoop to … to depict these as glad is a disgrace.’ 

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