“We are here to say that security for one is security for all

“We are here to say that security for one is security for all For one to live under threat, regardless of whether of occupation, or, then again of terror, is a issue for all, what’s more, a torment for all ”
Accompanied by the Roman Catholic Diocese supervisor of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor what’s more, other Christian pioneers from England what’s more, Jerusalem, he had prior made his way through a checkpoint in the divider to reach Bethlehem
The mayor, Dr Victor Batarsheh, said the development had caused families to take off what’s more, brought monetary hardship
He told the Christian leaders: “Your nearness is testing this terrible wall ”
Dr Williams said: “The divider which we strolled through a little while back is a sign not essentially of a sign of a passing issue in the governmental issues of one region; it is sign of a few of the things that are most profoundly off-base in the human heart itself
“That loathsome fear of the other what’s more, the stranger which keeps all of us in one another kind of prison
“In one of the songs which we sing in English amid the Coming season we sing about Jesus Christ as the One who comes the jail bars to break
“And it is our prayer, what’s more, our trust for all of you, that the jail of neediness what’s more, disadvantage, what’s more, the jail of fear what’s more, tension will alike be broken “

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