We can’t blame this one on the Ghostbusters.

We can’t fault this one on the Ghostbusters.
Last night’s storm in New York City brought a sensational display, as the notable Domain State Building was hit by lighting three times in quick succession.
Manhattan’s tallest building was splendidly lit up, what’s more, gotten on video.
Zapped!: The Realm State Building was hit by lightning amid a storm last night, yet no harm come about since the symbol is well protected
The 1,454-foot tall structure is struck by an normal of 100 jolts a year.

Luckily, the point of interest was outlined to channel the high voltage innocuously to the ground.

The mystery is so-called ‘lightning rods’, which were imagined by Ben Franklin in the 1750s. The bars coordinate the stream of power to the ground, where it dissipates.

#2: After just a maybe a couple seconds, the point of interest is struck again

#3: In a moment, the tower is hit again. The building is struck an normal of 100 times a year
Before finishing his outline for lightning rods, Franklin attempted his incredible (and exceedingly dangerous) kite experiment, in which he lobbed a metal key into the air, fastened with an protecting silk line.
When Franklin saw that the key was getting charged from the power in the air, he knew for certain that lighting was made up of electricity.
Do not attempt that at home.

Watch video here

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