‘I am not kidnapped’: Richard Simmons makes TV appearance and ends TWO YEAR public absence as he rejects wild speculation that he had gone ‘missing’

Wellness master Richard Simmons – who numerous have hypothesized is ‘missing’ – made a amaze TV appearance Sunday by means of telephone, after a two-year nonappearance from the media spotlight.
The wellness master tended to the later reports about why he had not been seen in open in more than two years.
He told Diversion Tonight in a phone interview: ‘I am not kidnapped. I am just in my house right now.
‘No one ought to be stressed about me. The individuals that encompass me are awesome individuals who take incredible mind of me.’ 

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He too pummeled the New York Day by day News report that those close to him had communicated concerns about his whereabouts. 
Simmons said: ‘For the last 40 a long time I have been traveling, instructing classes, what’s more, I had a knee injury, so I had a knee replacement, which was extremely troublesome for me.
‘I have truly just been taking it easy, remaining at home, working out in my exercise center what’s more, doing the things I haven’t done in a extremely long time.’  

His appearance comes after Simmons’ agent talked out against the hypothesis of his disappearance as ‘preposterous’ what’s more, said he is not ‘missing’ what’s more, has just been out of the limelight.
His companion what’s more, previous collaborator Mauro Oliveira made new assertions Saturday that ‘black magic’ or, on the other hand ‘witchcraft’ was to fault for Simmons’ vanishing after close companions have appeared their concern for the wellness guru.
Oliveira said: ‘I think it was [caused by] dark magic, witchcraft. That’s not close to your culture, yet to my culture in Brazil, what’s more, to Mexicans, that is a genuine thing. They summon the spirits.’ 
But the star’s rep told People: ‘As I have expressed in the past, these claims are false what’s more, preposterous.
‘Richard, after 40 a long time of being in the spotlight, is presently essentially taking a break from the open eye what’s more, working behind the scenes to proceed to offer assistance those millions of individuals around the world in require of his help what’s more, on a few ventures to be reported soon.’  
The pop culture identity who shot to notoriety in the 90s with his work out recordings Sweatin to the Oldies, was supposedly discouraged after enduring from a knee damage what’s more, managing with the demise of his cherished puppy Hattie.   

In a new, point by point account detailed by the NY Day by day News, Oliveira, who struck up a quick fellowship with Simmons in 2013, recounted the points of interest of their last meeting in 2014.

The rub therapist, previous assistant, companion what’s more, visual craftsman gone to Simmons’ home after getting a telephone call from the 67 year old saying the two required to talk.
According to Oliveira, Simmons told him he needed to be alone, what’s more, that the two could no longer see each other.
Shortly after, the 49-year-old Brazilian was tossed out of the house at the point when Simmons’ house attendant Teresa Reveles allegedly denied him to go upstairs what’s more, yelled at Oliveira to get out.
Oliveira told the news website Simmons said ‘yes’ at the point when he inquired regardless of whether Reveles was controlling his life.
Oliveira said: ‘I think it was [caused by] dark magic, witchcraft. That’s not close to your culture, be that as it may to my culture in Brazil, what’s more, to Mexicans, that is a genuine thing. They conjure the spirits.’
He afterward said: ‘It’s to a great degree hard to clarify to you how somebody is at the point when they are tormented by awful force. That’s the thing. F***ing Teresa is putting dark enchantment on him.’
Oliveira indeed composed a self-published e-book describing his impression of what has happened to Simmons.
Titled Lord Rich what’s more, the Underhanded Witch, Oliveira trusts the book can be adjusted into a Broadway play. 
Simmons gone to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York in November 2013, where he struck postures while riding on a float. 
It was one of his last open appearances. On New Year’s Eve of 2013, Simmons showed up on CNN to talk about making wellness resolutions, at the point when he started tearing up.
Anchor Brooke Baldwin inquired him what he told himself as he looked in the reflect in the morning, what’s more, he stifled back tears at the point when he responded: ‘Try to offer assistance more people.’ 
Later, at the point when she inquired him what he considered the greatest compliment, Simmons cried as he said: ‘That I just just made them laugh, what’s more, that I gave them hope. Since with hope, you can cope.’
In January 2015, TMZ reported the LAPD checked in at Simmons’ house after they gotten a tip with an senior manhandle claim.
Simmons was strolling with a limp what’s more, replied the entryway with a beard, yet he showed up to be in great health, law authorization authorities told the prattle site.
His long-term representative Thomas Estey beforehand said Simmons was ‘sad’ over the ‘serious’ damage to his knee, be that as it may disproved charges that Simmons was discouraged what’s more, had move toward becoming a recluse. 
When Dailymail.com talked to Reveles in 2014, she said: ‘He’s superbly fine. He’s home what’s more, he’s fine.’ 
Reynold Gideon, who lives straightforwardly inverse Simmons’ house, said Reveles is resolved the shimmering wellness aficionado is simply ‘resting’. 

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