What started as a project, quickly became an obsession for one New York photographer, who managed to take a Polaroid picture every day for 18 years.

What begun as a project, rapidly progressed toward becoming an fixation for one New York photographer, who overseen to take a Polaroid picture each day for 18 years.
Jamie Livingston took his to start with snap of at that point sweetheart Mindy Goldstein what’s more, a companion on Walk 31 1979.
Six thousand shots afterward the arrangement closes deplorably on 25 October 1997 with Mr Livingston on his deathbed from tumor on his 41st birthday.

The to begin with what’s more, the last: New York picture taker James Livingston took a picture a day for 18 a long time beginning with this one of his at that point sweetheart in 1979, left, up to his passing from growth at 41, in 1997, right
Mr Livingston gained a Polaroid camera in 1979 at the point when he was a senior at Minstrel College, New York.

A maybe a couple weeks after making the buy he figured it out he’d been taking around one picture each day, what’s more, so chosen to make it a day by day task.
The accumulation graphs his life from the age of 23, the connections that came what’s more, went what’s more, the companions that remained with him from school to work to his wedding what’s more, at last to his last days as he lost his fight with melanoma.
History captured: Mr Livingston is snapped on a graffiti-covered metro auto with his bicycle on 31 Walk 1980, left, while right, his photograph on 1 January 1983 appears a lady offering blossoms in New York City
Memories: Mr Livingston’s sweetheart lies back in a vessel with a single rose on May 6 1982, left, while the year some time recently she’s too caught in the sun on June 1 1981, right
But it too appears how New York itself changed over the years, from a grotty risky city to a thriving, more clean metropolis.

Mr Livingston lived in the city’s downtown range which was especially terrible at the time, yet is presently a must-go region for the youthful what’s more, the beautiful.

Mr Livingston’s companion Hugh Crawford’s life is too reported through the collection.
Humorous: A one-man band is snapped on 23 February 1985, left, while right, a carnival ride called For hell’s sake Gap is caught on 8 September 1984

Summer what’s more, spring days: Mr Livingston what’s more, companions cover themselves at the shoreline on 30 Regal 1987, left, while right, a pig look on as he tries his hand at stilt strolling on 12 April 1981

Documenting history: A companion lies against a foundation of the city’s twin towers on 10 June 1983, left, while Princess Diana’s demise reported in the New York Post makes the day’s picture for 31 Eminent 1997
Mr Crawford said Mr Livingston had been very unbending in his approach to the project.
He would as it were take one photograph a day indeed on the off chance that a better subject displayed itself afterward on.
Mr Crawford reviewed a day at the point when he what’s more, Mr Livingston found themselves strolling down the road with a crowd of bazaar elephants.

Big love: A young lady is seen here in a swimming pool on 10 January 1987, what’s more, with a adore note on 23 September 1986

Winter frolicking: Companions goof around while picking a Christmas tree, on 7 December 1990, left, while another lies in the snow on a skiing trip on 14 Walk 1991

Days’ work: Thousands of photographs are lined up in a lobby for a picture on 30 Walk 1988, left, the film must have cost Mr Livingston a dollar or, then again two, like this photograph from 15 January 1984, right
He pointed out that it would have made a splendid shot for the day yet Mr Livingston had as of now taken one what’s more, so it was cleared out as a memory.

Before Mr Livingston passed on Mr Crawford what’s more, companion Betsy Reid guaranteed the venture would not be restricted to handfuls of shoe boxes.

And in 2007 they stamped Mr Livingston’s 10 year commemoration by carefully shooting the Polaroids. They at that point held an display at Poet College.
Fear what’s more, joy: Mr Livingston is seen with a enormous scar running down his head on May 4 1997, left, what’s more, months afterward he is snapped getting hitched on 7 October 1997 weeks some time recently his demise

Beginning what’s more, end: Mr Livingston at 23 on 16 June 1979, left, what’s more, a shadow of his previous self 18 a long time afterward on 29 September 1997, right
Mr Crawford moreover carefully transferred all of the pictures on to a website, which has slammed a few times after scores of individuals found the site what’s more, told their friends.
‘They frequently don’t mean anything by themselves,’ Mr Crawford told the New York Times. ‘But at the point when you put them all together, they take on a life of their own.’
While Ms. Reid, who met Mr Livingston in 1985, said: ‘When I look at a picture that I was included in or, then again know about you’re just sent right back in time what’s more, you just keep in mind everything about that day.’
To see the entirety accumulation go to www.photooftheday.hughcrawford.com

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