Blunkett’s double breach of code on ministers’ jobs

by ANIL DAWER, Every day Mail
Last refreshed at 17:52 17 November 2005
As the points of interest of the capital lay twinkling beneath them, these travelers had eyes as it were for the Moon.

And with a see like this, who could fault them?

Silhouetted against the silver glow, the London Eye given the best situate in town for this astounding sky show.

The Moon looked bigger than regular since it was at its closest point to the earth amid its 27-and-a-half-day lunar cycle.

And a crisp, cloudless evening made the show indeed more dazzling, showering the city in silver.

Photographer Alisdair MacDonald, who caught this staggering image, said all of London appeared under the Moon’s spell.

“Everyone strolling over Waterloo Connect who saw the Moon was halting to take pictures,” he said.

“Most scene photographs require something on the skyline to give it scale what’s more, a full Moon is something special.

“It as it were happens once a month yet it turns the most common shots into something very different.”

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