High-flying women executives are paid 10% less than men doing exactly the same job

by DAN NEWLING, Day by day Mail
Last refreshed at 08:41 31 October 2005
As challenges go, it was basic yet greatly effective.

When John Caldow chosen to take on the compelling Tesco, he did it equipped with nothing more than a chair, a glass of tea what’s more, a newspaper.

Fed up with the chain’s monstrous conveyance lorries performing threepoint turns inches from his door, the 54-year-old merchant from Manningtree in Essex took coordinate action.

He gotten the chair, set it in the way of one of the 30ft turning around juggernauts what’s more, sat down. At that point he poured himself a glass of tea what’s more, begun perusing the paper, all the time rejecting to budge.

The lorry was incapable to finish its move without running him over so the standoff began.

Two hours later, at the point when the driver figured it out Mr Caldow would not be moved, he gave up what’s more, drove away without finishing the delivery.

Now, as a coordinate result of the protest, Tesco has been constrained to utilize littler lorries more suited to the town’s limit roads.

Mr Caldow spokes recently of his fears about the harm to town focuses as Tesco eats into the comfort store market.

Since 2002 the chain – which has 1,800 UK stores – has been turning nearby shops into Tesco Express branches. It as of now has 546 of the stores what’s more, opens another branch each week.

But ecological campaigners grumble that it employments enormous lorries to make deliveries, making contamination what’s more, extreme clog in towns which are as well little to cope.

Manningtree’s issues started in January at the point when a Tesco Express supplanted the town’s One-Stop shop.

Instead of the twice-weekly conveyances the shop utilized to receive, Tesco Express has up to six a day.

Mr Caldow, who reestablishes barometers, said: ‘Manningtree is a extremely old, conventional advertise town what’s more, our streets essentially aren’t made for enormous lorries. Each time a Tesco conveyance lorry arrived it performed a convoluted turn around turn outside my house what’s more, would go up on the asphalt on both sides of the road.’

He denounced the chain of losing touch with the needs of littler communities.

‘Tesco has got hundreds of stores in towns what’s more, towns over the nation what’s more, plans for hundreds more,’ he said.

‘But since they are such a enormous firm they can’t get it the needs of nearby people. I’m extremely stressed that they will just trample on their needs what’s more, concerns as they spread over the country.’ Vicki

Hird, from Companions of the Earth, said: ‘There is an pressing require to look at the rise of these various comfort stores, both in terms of the affect on the group of these enormous conveyance lorries what’s more, the natural impact.

‘The reality is that more contamination is being caused as sustenance is being transported further. This is straightforwardly connected to the rise in the number of supermarket-run stores.’

A Tesco representative said, however: ‘We work hard to be a great neighbor what’s more, attempt to balance the needs of clients what’s more, nearby occupants wherever we operate.’

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