Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding

by JAMES CHAPMAN, Every day Mail
Last refreshed at 23:11 25 July 2006
The wine basement at 10 Bringing down Road is quick filling up with undesirable endowments from French President Jacques Chirac.
In an evident endeavor to grease up cross-Channel relations, M Chirac displayed Tony Blair with four costly cases of wine last year, it has emerged.
But the Prime Serve – who has to proclaim any blessing worth more than £140 under Whitehall rules – chosen he did not need to keep any of them.
See the full list of ministers’ endowments here
A list of all pastoral blessings gotten between April 2005 what’s more, Walk 2006 uncovered that wine from M Chirac had been ‘held by the Prime Minister’s office’ on four independent occasions.
By contrast, he picked to buy a lead precious stone case of ‘unknown make’ for £150 introduced to him by the Italian government, at that point run by his old companion Silvio Berlusconi.
That implies it progresses toward becoming his individual property, which he can offer on or, then again keep after he clears out Bringing down Street.
He too selected to pay £200 to keep a ‘set of five Russian memorial coins’ from Russian President Vladimir Putin what’s more, £300 for a ‘contemporary print of London scene’ given by the Olympics body London 2012.
But woundingly for our European neighbours, each of the alcoholic offerings of President Chirac was snubbed.
He is known for his cherish of French wine, what’s more, sent six bottles of vintage claret what’s more, a precious stone decanter as a 50th birthday exhibit to the Chief in 2003 in an endeavor to mend the break caused by the Iraq war.
The 1989 House Mouton Rothschild costs up to £200 a bottle – which works out at more than £30 a glass. Despite the fact that the sort of wine displayed between April last year what’s more, Walk this year was not detailed, it is likely to have been of a comparative quality.
One clarification might be cost – since keeping the 50th birthday half case set Mr Blair back more than £1,000 personally. He is moreover known to support chianti Or maybe than French works of art such as bordeaux or, then again burgundy.
Downing Road declined to say what had happened to the wine. A representative said: ‘Like any other blessing it has been held by the office. I don’t know what has happened to it.’
The blessing list, distributed by the Bureau Office, uncovered that Chancellor Gordon Dark colored overcame his celebrated reasonability what’s more, purchased the as it were blessing introduced to him over the same period.
He paid £190 for a sparkly red toy Ferrari displayed by the previous Italian back serve Giulio Tremonti on sake of the EU board of ministers, which has agents from each part state. The blessing was for his youthful son, John.
The ambushed Agent Prime Serve John Prescott proclaimed the presently notorious ‘cowboy’ equip given to him by American specialist Philip Anshutz.
He entered the dubious blessing from the farm owner, who needs to construct a super-casino in the London Dome, as ‘stetson, boots, spurs, belt, clasp what’s more, leather-bound notebook.’
He has not obtained them from the Government, meaning they will be held in unendingness by his now-defunct department.
When he was still Remote Secretary, Jack Straw, presently Pioneer of the Commons, bought a carriage clock displayed in January by the Crown Ruler of Bahrain for £225.
Perhaps wisely, the previous Protection Secretary John Reid passed on a gold knife displayed to him by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia what’s more, a stately sword from the Danish government.

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