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As hapless John Prescott at long last took charge of the nation today, assistants showed up frantic to find something for him to do.
After Tony Blair made it clear he would be directing the Government’s remote undertakings strategy indeed from the shoreline in Barbados, alternatives were limited.
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But at that point authorities struck on the thought of rethinking the scandal-hit Appointee Prime Serve as the Government’s ‘heatwave czar’ – a move that instantly saw him named the ‘minister for hot air’.
One of his to begin with needs was to meet with authorities from the Met Office what’s more, clergymen from the Office of Wellbeing to talk about the prospect of temperatures taking off again.
Critics are beyond any doubt to draw parallels with the last Serve of Drought, named amid the long, hot summer of 1976. With days of Denis Howell being given the new post, it begun to rain.
The Appointee Prime Serve at last seized control of Whitehall as Mr Blair headed off for his postponed summer occasion in the Caribbean.
There has been mounting ire among Work MPs at the prospect of the scandal-hit Mr Prescott taking the reins while the Center East emergency rages.
The Prime Serve – who has been shaken by a revolt from Bureau priests what’s more, backbenchers alike over his position on the strife – demanded he would remain in charge of the Government’s reaction indeed from the beach.
Mr Prescott, who has been entangled in outrage what’s more, discussion for three months, has told companions it is ‘business as usual’, in spite of fear among associates about his residency at the helm.
The Appointee Prime Minister’s office affirmed Mr Blair would handle arrangements over the Center East, yet demanded Mr Prescott would be working over all other areas.
He is still arranging to make territorial visits in the event that conceivable amid his three weeks in charge, despite the fact that there is ‘nothing in the journal at present’.
The Prime Serve is said to have been chafed by news of Mr Prescott’s undertaking with his journal secretary, Tracey Temple, which made him a figure of deride at Westminster.
The Appointee Prime Serve has been further destabilised by the push over his visit to the farm of multimillionaire Philip Anschutz, who is offering to manufacture a super-casino in London’s Thousand years Dome. Parliamentary scum guard dog Sir Philip Mawer reprimanded Mr Prescott for coming up short to proclaim friendliness amid the trip to Mr Anschutz’s Colorado ranch.
Of his concern about the weather, a representative for Mr Prescott said: ‘He has had gatherings to make beyond any doubt that ought to there be another heatwave, the methods are in put to respond.
‘He has been talking to the Division of Wellbeing about the likely affect what’s more, there’s too an issue to do with air pollution.
‘He’s been making beyond any doubt he is fulfilled that the reactions are in place. It’s a consummately sensible thing to do.’
The Met Office had told the Appointee Prime Serve that hot climate had ‘returned in Europe’, she added.
Mr Prescott was too ‘keeping himself informed’ about the dubious hosepipe bans that have been forced in a few zones in reaction to the need of rainfall, despite the fact that the Condition Division was managing the Government’s response.
The Traditionalists said it was clear that Mr Prescott could not be cleared out in charge of more genuine matters.
Tory sacred undertakings representative Oliver Heald said: ‘It appears that the as it were issue the Appointee Prime Minister can be trusted with is prompting individuals about the weather, which is a pitiful reflection of how little John Prescott is valued.
‘They have obviously been looking high what’s more, low for something that they can check on him to do what’s more, have come up with the position of serve for hot air.
‘Isn’t it time for him to acknowledge that he has lost his work what’s more, it’s time to ride off into the sunset?’
Labour executive Hazel Obscures what’s more, Boss Whip Jacqui Smith are said to have been inquired to act as Mr Prescott’s ‘minders’ amid Mr Blair’s summer occasion in the midst of developing Government tension over his ability – despite the fact that his office has denied the claims.
Last night Mr Prescott confronted further debate as the Tories asserted he had spent £40,000 of open stores in arrange to remain a ‘squatter in Whitehall’.
They said that was the cost of moving common workers from Mr Prescott’s Whitehall HQ into new premises under the new Groups what’s more, Nearby Government Secretary Ruth Kelly. She has taken over his departmental responsibilities.
But a ‘skeleton’ Office of the Agent Prime Serve remains, in spite of Mr Prescott being stripped of his portfolio as well as his effortlessness what’s more, support nation mansion, Dorneywood.
The Traditionalists said Mr Prescott ought to not have held his office at 26, Whitehall – generally the office of the To start with Ruler of the Admiralty.
Miss Kelly had been constrained to move with her authorities to the less fabulous Eland House close Victoria Station.
Mr Heald said data discharged in parliamentary answers appeared the cost of the move was £40,000.
‘In the genuine world, at the point when you get your P45, you pack your sacks what’s more, leave. Yet John Prescott has move toward becoming a squatter in the heart of Whitehall at the hard-pressed taxpayers’ expense,’ he said.
‘Every day, the cost of John Prescott rises, yet what is the citizen getting out of it?’
A representative for the Division for Groups what’s more, Nearby Government said it had been Miss Kelly’s choice to move to Eland House.
* Withdrawing for his Caribbean holiday, Mr Blair picked for a premium economy benefit on his flight to St Lucia early yesterday, which cost £928 thought about to £2,650 for a to begin with class ticket.
He gotten a interfacing flight on to Barbados, where he what’s more, his family are once more remaining at Sir Precipice Richard’s extravagance manor free of charge. Bringing down Road says Mr Blair will make a gift to philanthropy in lieu of payment.
It risen last week that Mr Blair is supporting Sir Cliff’s battle to change the law to permit him what’s more, other specialists with extensive professions to proceed to benefit from their most punctual recordings. Bringing down Road demands the issue was raised at Labour’s administering National Official Panel by previous Eastenders on-screen character Michael Cashman, presently a Euro MP.

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